unicorns don't like daylight savings

It's true, they don't. And not only because daylight savings fades the curtains. They have issues getting dinner on the table at 6.30 because beer o'clock seems to last for longer and then the unicorn children don't go to bed at a reasonable time. Mummy unicorns especially dislike having to go to bed at what seems like an absurdly early hour before they've got all their very important stuff done and then having to get up even earlier. Unicorns tend to think saving daylight is a totally stupid idea.  

Image from Nut and Bee via here that I found here, after going here from here.  Yeah, some nights I go clickety click and just look at the pretty pictures.

Brrr. It's cold. Not spring like at all. Or perhaps it is. When I walked home from the station tonight, it was fine, then it rained, then it cleared up and the sun came out. There was a rainbow that kept getting bigger and then it threatened to rain again. Oh, and there was thunder and at one point an antarctic breeze. And that was all on a walk just long enough to count as an October daily walk.



Laura said...

Yay (skipping in the natural sunset) WA got something right - we voted to REJECT daylight 'savings' earlier this year after a 3 year trial.
Whay does ANYONE in Australia need it, for God's sake?
Go natural!

Kate said...

Well, at least you are upholding stereotypes about Melbourne weather!