sometimes the only place to look is up

This is going to be quick as I have an appointment with a comfy chair, Keanu Reeves and River Phonenix. G's coming too and there's a possibility we'll get stuck into the port and cooking chocolate somewhere along the way.

Today has been unremarkable except that I have been to Norflands to score a booster seat and Dora the Explorer suitcase on wheels, because I promised she could have one for our fast approaching Queensland trip. We managed to get out of there without buying more than a couple of extra things, although for some reason I relented and let Grace select a Dora the Explorer handbag as well. We never watch Dora on TV but she loooves Dora the Explorer. Indeed apart from the odd viewing on youtube and the occasional video from the library, Graces's knowlege of all things Dora is from merchandising and the cultural soup kids swim in. As long as we don't have to read tedious Dora books too often (from the library - where she gets free reign), I'm kind of OK with it on a limited level. I guess. Maybe I'll regret it later. Eh, who knows? 

The ringing in my ears stopped the moment we left the shopping centre and I had a very brief Nana nap on our return.

Later I popped out with Grace to return a stroller and get some milk for the macaroni cauliflower cheese I was planning to make for dinner and somehow ended up taking four children down the shops to buy a treat. Of course, my child was the one that had the tantrum on the way home and I had to call G for back up.

Oh, and somehow I still managed to make cauliflower macaroni cheese for dinner and not burn the white sauce. It was pretty delicious and I had to stop G from eating the whole lot, because it's tomorrow's lunch as well. Sheesh. I'm going to take that as a compliment.


Frogdancer said...

Comfort food. It's the best.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Cheese sauce is one of the world's greatest inventions .Doesn't really matter what you put in it , though cauliflower and macaroni sounds good .

Laura said...

Mmmm, cauli mac cheese, droooooool

victoria said...

How strange is it putting a four year old in booster seat? I have to remember to buy one soon, and find out if that rule has come into effect yet.. Anyway, my four year was really unhappy when I told him he's going to be using car seat again.