some sunday afternoon calm

After much general procrastinating, looking at the plants I planted yesterday, faffing on the computer, wasting time eating, mooching around and hocking up charming gobs of snot from my chest (sorry TMI?), I finally dragged out my sewing machine and other bits and bobs. As usual I started on the boring, but necessary, sewing first.  Work pants. Very simple wide legged pants in a grey striped stretch suiting from Cleggs. I was going to make proper pants with a waist band and a fly etc but really I needed these fast and it's not as if I'm a tuckerer innerer. As it happened they've taken me about a month to make. Sigh. I think they've turned out OK. Perhaps a little baggier than I'd like at the back. I really need to draft or use a new pattern, I think. The one I work from now seems to have details lost in the mists of time. It's unpredictable. Or maybe it's me.  Grace hassled me to make something with her and I got out a cat toy printed on some patchwork cotton and she cut the cats out, but lost interest in the stuffing part.  Next up was a quick sundress for Grace out of some fabric mum bought her from spotlight. Not my choice but I think she'll like it. She was quite interested in sewing it up and stood in front of me and helped feed the material through the machine. Then had a go with the pedal, that was a bit of a thrill for both of us really. Have to do it again soon.

 I was also going to put some more elastic in some pants I made at craft camp. I'd more or less written these pants off as too icky for words but since there have been a few days of too warm to wear boots and skirt to work, I've revisited them as a wardrobe item and I guess they're OK. But they're made in a cotton stretch fabric that loses elasticity through the day and the elastic back should perhaps be extended all the way around. But eh, didn't get around to it. It's not like they actually fall off. Anyway, at some point Grace and G disappeared off visiting and I was left with my piles of crap and the hum of the machine as I listened to the radio. Sunday afternoon is really my favourite time of all to sew. Perhaps because there's a radio show on RRR that I really like, playing mostly electronic and soundscape sort of music.Today there was a fabulous work about The Dismissal and some beautiful sounds. I used to sew on Sunday afternoons alot and I kind of miss it. Today I felt quite content and happy as I watched the big clouds and the few big drops of rain.  Contemplated my liberty lawn shirt to try and re-fashion. Mended a pair of little pony underpants, not that she doesn't have sixty gazillion pairs of other underpants she could wear... Also tried a refashion of a t-shirt but I'm not sure the neck worked and Grace wouldn't try it on so I could see. Definitely need more Sunday sewing sessions.



SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Yes , I love sewing on Sunday afternoons too . I use the term loosely , I must admit . I play ancient audio books ... so ancient they're on casette ! ... things like Dr Finlays Casebook ( ask your mother ) . Potter around , achieve very little and relax .
Perfect !!

Frogdancer said...

"It's not like they actually fall off'!
That's a very philosophical way of looking at it.

Sooz said...

Yay for Sunday sewing sessions! Would love some pics? And are your over stretchy pants that 2 way stretch cotton from cleggs? You warned me about this but mine don't seem to do it. I wonder it it is because I put mine in the dryer once before I sewed it?