sleepy sort of gardening related post

I think I should just go to bed tonight. Really. I've been playing through the clips on my 35 concerts post and could just get sucked into youtube land. My chest hurts and I'm sure it's going to be another fun filled, action packed day at work tomorrow. If it wasn't blogtober, I would probably be slacking off, but in a way I'm glad I'm not. If that makes sense, which it probably doesn't.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. My grotty gardening tools taken at a very high iso setting after forgetting to reset the camera after night shots. And a grumpy Grace eating her lunch as a picnic because somehow we all got out of synch on Saturday and she was hungry and I really wanted to get my berry plants in.

Look how green the grass is! I wish I'd taken some pictures of the actual garden too because I think we're starting to get somewhere. It's not the total blank slate it was a year ago. Planted a blueberry bush which apparently will produce 10 kilos of blueberries when mature. Assuming of course that I can get it to grow. Also planted a marionberry bush and a boysenberry bush. Fingers crossed.

I also have to admit that I slacked on my walking program a bit. Saturdays effort was really lame, I went with Grace and we didn't go far. Neither of us really had it in us. And yesterday,I just couldn't drag my arse out of the house. But today, well today I walked the half hour from the tram in about 20 minutes and it was good. I feel back in the swing of it. More or less. Now off to bed.


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Eleanor said...

Grace is adorable even when she's grumpy. Miss Commentbox had that same hairstyle at that age - absolutely divine!!