my october to do list

I was going to spend tonight writing up some drafts to use later in the week and working on something for the high school group as G is at a party. However the party is over the back fence and I can hear the questionable music and constant buzz of party. The invitation did invite guests to truck on down, bottle up and prepare for a very large night.  So maybe I'll bore/scintillate you with a list. October is starting to look like it might have a very large to do list attached. As if blogging everyday isn't enough (alongside parenting, family life, going to work, shopping, cleaning and all the other bits that make up my life).

    1. First up I'm going to revise my goal of walking three or four days a week to walking everyday for the month of October. Then I'll review. So far I've done three days in a row and I know me, if I start letting myself off the hook I'll slide into inertia again. And it's nice at the end of a hard core parenting day* to say to G, I haven't had my walk yet, I'm off now. Even if it is only half an hour. He's been saying I should do this for ages and now I am. Yay me. And he is being fully supportive.
    2. Write a social media strategy for the High School for Coburg campaign. I've been thinking about this for the last couple of months and really, it's just putting some thoughts to paper and outlining some potential goals and discussion points to take to a meeting on Monday night. Why this so hard to do? Obviously, if I were to ever go back to study, I would be doing all my essays at the absolute last minute. (G's home now, and the party seems to have settled down a bit.... That's a coincidence. Surely.)
    3. Plant all the plant in pots that should be in the ground. Make a path to our front door. Weed the back patch. Acquire and plant more plants in the front. We've had enough rain to make this feasible, don't know when that will happen again.... Blog what I'm doing in the garden.
    4. Finish all my mending and unfinished sewing. Some big projects and quite a few little alterations that you know would expand my wardrobe a bit... And Graces. Blog my sewing adventures. Craft and sewing never seems to get much of a look in here. Obviously competing priorities everywhere
    5. Finally download skype and attach the speakeryphone thingamajig that's been sitting on my desk for four weeks now.
    6. Download my camera and upload to Flickr every day. (Uh, no, the party hasn't settled down)
    7. Complete or discard all my draft posts.

What are you doing over October?

*Grace has a nasty cold/flu with conjunctivitis and needs eye drops that sting. Tonight she coughed so much she vomited and then spewed the cough medicine all over the kitchen floor. She's listless and then has a little spurt of energy and wants very badly to see her little friends. Poor love. She really is being a trooper but it's been hard. Hopefully we are nearly past the worst of it.



SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Well , how about giving up household chores for a month ? You know , a bit like a Lent thing .
And realise that once you've installed Skype , you'll never get anything done again !!

Bird Bath said...

Hope Grace is on the mend is hard when little people get sick like that.
I'm feeling inspired by your goal of walking - I have done very little excercise for some time now. I need to strengthen my back as it seems to be really playing up lately. maybe walking is a good way to get started.
As for October...I'm trying to get my head around going back to working five days a week!

sue said...

Well done on the walking everyday. I think I should be inspired by you and start doing the very same thing too. Poor Grace, I do hope she feels better soon. I never like those eye drops for conjunctivitis, I ended up being allergic to them and it really made my eyes sore. I just use those refresh drops from the chemist, they clean your eyes out and dont do any damage either. I hope she feels better soon.

suse said...

Those people who go back to study and do their essays AT THE ABSOLUTE LAST MINUTE?
Hellooooooo ....
ps. skype is fun. Did Sooz tell you Amy and Son #3 skyped for about an hour the other morning?