more than potatoes and cabbages

Yesterday was vegie box day. I've mentioned before that we've joined a local organic vegetable co-op. And it's a beautiful thing. Every Thursday we get a box of fresh fruit and vegetables and most weeks it's a s simple as popping over to a neighbours house to pick it up. Sometimes it's a quick in and out, other times we linger and chat or sticky at what other people have done with their house (endlessly fascinating around here because we all start with a variation of a similar house with similar issues). But it's a focal point of each Thursday. As is a dinner dish from the big fridge clean out. Yesterday I made leftover vegie flan - leeks, spring onions, mushroom, zucchini, carrot and silver beet with some egg and cheese in a crispy wholemeal pastry - yum.

 Some weeks Thursdays are more involved. Like the week I did another member's pick up from Ceres because someone else had done mine while I was in hospital and I thought a trip to Ceres would be fun. Actually it was, except for the bit where I couldn't turn the car around outside the loading point without fear of smashing into a glass cabinet and there was all this mud and a whole lot of high school students were mocking me. And although the teacher did give me a push, I smelt burnt rubber or clutch. And the bit where Grace wouldn't use the Ceres toilet because they're a bit funny and then when she ran away and hid in the community garden. Every other bit - the vegies, the coffee, hanging out with Emily and Helke, that was all fun. Even the calls on my mobile from someone ready to pick up were kind of fun because Emily had to answer my phone while I was driving and it was highly comical.... And then the mega sort with 4 adults in our tiny kitchen, that was kind of crazy. But good.

This week was the week I'd swapped with Zoe but she suggested as I'd done an extra one already that we share it and she did the collection from Ceres, which is just as well because I don't think Grace would have been up for it. We both sorted, which is a job I rather like. Then I did the meet and greet when people came to collect their boxes. Super easy. Except that the boxes were really heavy. We got a credit for some slimy limp mouldy beans. Very expensive slimy limp mouldy beans. So this week we got; lovely little apples, navel oranges, fairly ripe bananas (I see some baking tomorrow), divine fat asparagus, beetroot, carrots, nicola potatoes, a whole green cabbage, coriander, chillies, mung bean sprouts (better than I thought they'd be), lettuce, avocados and silver beet. There was so much, I gave a good size bag of stuff to my mum this morning and there is still pleanty left for us. This bountiful basket would cost a fortune if we bought it retail, but through the co-op it is very good value. I'm amazed at how smoothly everything seems to run. Sometimes there are little flurries of emails about this and that but it just works. We eat much better because of it too.

I used to think that I would mind not choosing what we got each week, but strangely I don't. It takes the pressure off and my cooking is the better for it. I do a small shop after we get the vegie box to feel in the gaps (like mushrooms and onions this week) and to make things from the box. Our food bills have started to go down too. Not as much as I'd like yet, but a bit. And some weeks I can avoid the supermarket altogether which is lovely.

In other news, I went for a walk again today. Two days! Yay me.  



melinda said...

and fruit..

melinda said...

can you post vegies to japan? :^/

Frogdancer said...

It must be nice to have a small family...
I used to do the Aussie Farmers Direct fruit and veggie box, but even with the large size I still had to do a shop at the fruit and veggie shop for potatoes, more greens and more fruit. I ended up canceling it because I wasn't saving any time at all.
I used to like opening the box, though. It was like getting a parcel in the mail.

suse said...

That cabbage photo should be framed and hung somewhere.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your flan sounds delicious ! And I love Nicola potatoes , any leftovers are very nice fried .