memories are made of this

Earlier this month I had a go at taking some pictures of Grace and I together. None came out particularly well, although I like this one. Well, I like some aspects. Our expressions and the accidental, haphazard framing. Other aspects of the photo I'm not so keen on, like the focus on my enlarged pores and how you can see the black line at the top of my crown. Not too keen on the skin tones either. Call me vain. But it's not what I want to remember.

Anyway, I was thinking black and white. I was thinking about the olderator. Then I remembered the Rollippolaroid treatment I had seen somewhere and book marked. I resized the image so that it wouldn't take ages to convert and had a play. The colour one was OK, but I  like the image better in black and white. We still have our smiles but it's softer. More like it really felt. Must remember to keep taking the odd self portrait. Just so I am not visually absent from this record of my life.

And yes, Grace is particularly gorgeous at the moment. Full of four and a halfness and drawings, getting in trouble for not using the drawing mat on the kitchen table, odd little games and creations made with lots of sticky tape, interspersed with it's not fairs and declarations as to who her best friend is. Looks like it might have been me at that particular moment. Yes, I am that lucky sometimes.


toasted said...

That's a beautiful photo - looks like an image from the mind's memory.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Don't you both look happy !

Susan said...

Lovely photo. I'm glad you're including yourself in some.
I'm absent from pretty much all family photos in the last 18 years.
Mostly I was behind the lens, but I feel I look aweful in photos so avoided any that I might have been in.
Most interestingly, I've considered I look horrible probably every year since I was born! When I look at old and older photos of me, well, I wasn't too bad. Talk about lost causes.

kim at allconsuming said...

See that Milly Molly Mandy haircut on Grace? It's all I wanted as a small child. Dreaded cowslick made it impossible. *sniff*