making my sandwich

I wanted to title this that's me in the sunshine, that's me in the kitchen, making my sandwich but the words don't fit the tune all that well. Although the song is kind of apt, in that roundabout way that happens sometimes when I see an image or have a feeling and I think of a particular REM song

 That morning, the sun was filling up the kitchen and it was too warm for my dressing gown or socks. I didn't want to be up yet. Not liking the transition from sleep to awake (or vice versa), I almost never do. I rather like sleep and staying up late. Nonetheless that morning, I was taken by the strong shadows and the play of light and although I was (as usual) running late, I felt compelled to take a quick photo. The moment was so fleeting, that the light changed in the time it took to get my camera from the study. And the moment I was in before the moment I captured was lost.

Afterwards I made a ham and tomato sandwich with mustard and lettuce. On Edwards Sourdough, now stocked at Coburg Safeway. Every lunch time at work, I look forward to my sandwich and it never bothers me that I never make anything else. Sometimes I like things to be the same. 

In other news, I was lucky to ring the health centre just as there had been a cancellation and got to see my nice doctor today. Just as well, the red puffy leg, it needs antibiotics. And I could have become really sick from it. Ick. Must have scratched my leg gardening or else it's a weird side effect of this stupid cold. Or just happened. I would like a new body please. This one is falling apart.

Oh, the banality of it all.


suse said...

I have a photo on flickr called Losing My Religion, because down in one corner of the shot is a reflection of me in a window.
I don't think anyone gets why the photo is called that except me, and now you.

victoria said...

Rem will always be one of my two favorite bands, ever. There is a song for everything in their albums. p.s. am loving catching up on your blog!

kim at allconsuming said...

I could quite happily eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch each and every day. At the same time.
Me? Hate change? Hmmm.