I go out walking

So far I've only missed one day of my walking this month. And that was Monday which I'm going to forgive because I just don't see how it could have been squished in, and anyway, I did walk down to the pizza place on the corner where we had the meeting and back again so it was about half a walk. Today I didn't stress about it and predictably, because I was tired and coldy and was home with Grace for a good part of the day and then we all went out to run some messages together, the chance just didn't come up. Indeed I felt pretty good that I manged to get the house sort of tidied, the washing put away and drag Grace away from ABC kids. Oh, and clean out the fridge and make left over vegie pie for dinner. Then after dinner, once Grace was in bed, I put on my backpack (for the camera), a hat and scarf and went for a walk. Just like that. Easy.

I love it that I can go any time. That I don't need any special equipment or funny clothes. And there is always something to see. Walking at night by myself probably rules out walking by the creek. Although I do wonder how much more dangerous it really is... parts of the bushland down there are pretty isolated during the daytime too. Anyway, I like to swing my arms and I don't really think, I just let things float and notice things. Like the telly is on in the front room of the house I just passed, ooh and there's a pile of clean bricks with a sign saying free, please take or how some people seem to go to bed really early. I see teenagers hanging round in cars swearing and playing boom boom music. Other people out waking their dogs. Lights shining through the trees. And then I get home and it's all warm and nice and I feel good that I went for my walk again.


Frogdancer said...

Good on you. I should do that. Totally.
I should...

mim said...

you deserve too feel good about the walking, its great! x x x