hurray! barbeque in the park season has begun

On the way home from childcare, we popped in at a neighbours to see if they were going to barbeque at the park tonight. Several little impish heads popped over the fence from the new deck and Grace was swept into kidworld. Another neighbour said he would go if others went, which given the chill in the wind was my thought too. Our night confirmed, I went home to prepare some food and let G know. It was lovely seeing our neighbours and meeting new friends. Catching up on gossip. Confirming that the self-raising flour from the co-op is indeed plain flour and that I'm not the only person who's had some cake disasters. Talking about the vegie co-op. It's good but strange sometimes, and it's reassuring to talk to others who've been vegie co-opping for longer. G came down for a while and then went of to the Megadeth/Slayer concert. That was one I passed up, not even the prospect of a big night out would have got me to that one. I am so boring, I know.

After the park went back to Mel and Andy's and lounged around there. I love their back area, sort of like an outside lounge at a groovy cafe, with added northern suburban charm. It was so very good to see Mim again who is back from overseas and I met Sherrin, another fellow blogger - also doing blogtoberfest- waves hello! She's lovely like heaps of bloggers I meet and she knows my sister too. Small world eh? Keep meeting bloggers everywhere these days, or maybe I'm just less self conscious about it. Grace disappeared inside to the world of dress ups and reappeared an hour or so as a very cold mermaid wanting me to get her dressed. And then wanted to go home. Just I could have stayed for another hour. Anyway, I don't think I've got much more to say tonight. I'm tired and have had beer which slid down quite nicely thank you and is combining with the purple pill to make me feel very relaxed.


ps, you can see the same night through another pair of eyes and another lens over at starashan. How cool is that?


suse said...

God I love having you blog each and every day. My little daily dose of Janet :)
I recently found Starashan's blog too. *waves*

sherrin said...

So lovely to meet you Janet! You said it all so much better than I... I felt like I was looking through, and hearing through, ten panes of glass today!

Leigh said...

That outdoor lounge looks very inviting. I'd like to plop in one of those couches and down a beer/hot chocolate (depending on my mood)