happy day

So. In less than an hour a lovely friend arrives to take us to the airport. We will be absurdly early for our flight but I like it that way. Maybe we'll drink coffee or indulge in a spot of airport shopping. Small presents, or a trashy magazine, perhaps a bigger backpack for Grace. Or maybe we'll just hang around being early.

Our bags are all packed and everything is ready. The house is as clean as it's going to be. Our house sitter is here and everything has been explained. Yay for holidays!

Will post if convenient and feel so inclined, otherwise it's adieu from me until we get back.  See youse!


  1. have a great holiday, dont forget to come back here.

  2. I'm so happy and excited for you! I just know that you'll have a wonderful time.
    P.S. I'm in the process of acquiring some photographs to put on the very bare walls of my living and dining rooms and wanted to talk to you about possibly purchasing a couple from you. Shall email you...
    Love, E xxxx