good tired

I'm tired. Good tired. Muscles aching from working in the garden and four days in a row of walking. Today G and I went down to the park and salvaged a big tree branch that had broken in the wind. G used his hand saw to liberate a long silvery grey gum log from it's smaller branches. Together we carried it home. It will edge the front garden alongside the path I'm planning. Then I went back and dragged home all the smaller branches with leaves on them. These have been chopped up with the big and small secateurs into a nice leafy mulch. It crackles when you step on it and smells eucalypty. My favourite sort of mulch. 

One of my neighbours is working in her garden a lot at the moment too and she said my mulch looked very pretty. She has an awesome pile of woodchips and said she tried to convince the guy with the truck and shredder to go and pick up the fallen branches in the park but he said they didn't do that. I'm probably stealing, but it had been there for over a week and the branches were much to big for the kids to make cubby houses out of. My neighbour and I talked about our court and some of the goings on. She even finds the boom boom boys at the end of the court with their wheelies and hotted up cars amusing. I do too, except if Grace or the other kids are out on the footpath. And then there's the checkerboard house which can see faintly above. Classic really.

That's all I've got tonight. Braindead. Thinking social media for tomorrow night. Work tomorrow. Daylight savings. All out of whack. Better go to bed. Yikes. Goodnight.


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victoria said...

It must be really interesting living in a court - you could really get to know the comings and goings of everyone! I love the idea of fallen tree branches to edge the garden beds.