bring on october, I say

This morning as I set off up the hill and round the corner for a brisk morning walk I thought, thank goodness that bloody September is gone. Because this year it really has been a pretty shit month. On top of the end of winter blahs and my usual issues with September, I've been missing having my sister around and then there has been my bottom. So you know, I've felt a bit low. And I've tried not to sink into it too much, but by the end of last week, after a night in which I drunk just a little too much lambrusco, I had to admit that yes, maybe I have been feeling a tad depressed. Once I admitted it, and realised that there are some things that I really need to deal with, my mood started lifting. One thing I've decided is that I need more exercise. Walking will do fine and I'm aiming for three or four good sessions a week.

This morning after breakfast I headed down the creek and instead of taking the big path I headed along the smaller dirt track that goes along the other creek. Everything is so green and lush at the moment and the creek is burbling along.There were lots of hills, some puffing and many interesting things to see. Any excuse to get the camera out. 

I got home in just under an hour, all invigorated. Ready for a busy Thursday at home. Grace is sick and forlorn with a nasty cold (including conjunctivitis, poor love) and just wanted to lie around watching telly with the occasional cuddle. We had several lots of visitors, including nana who stayed for lunch. There was cleaning out the fridge, re-doing the flowers, pruning next door's yellow rose bush (so I can enjoy the most beautiful roses all summer - they said I could), organising a doctor appointment for Grace, making a cake (new recipe which failed - urgh) and some pastry so that I could make pie with the leftover vegies from last week.Finally there was a vegie box sort and even though I didn't have to go to Ceres for the pickup, it was pretty full on. Due to a credit for some slimy beans last week, it was an insane amount of vegies too - I don't know how we are going to get through them all!  Phew.

And I had decided during my morning walk that I might try and do blogtoberfest, and had ideas for posts running through my head all day. Sadly they are all now forgotten. So do you think posting everyday would be fun? Maybe I could learn to be brief. Do I detect laughter over there in the corner? Oh well. Whatever. I think I might give it a go.


Actually, I'm starting to feel pretty good about October. See you tomorrow.



Laura said...

Blog away my dear. I was NOT laughing! Honest!
I was admiring your beautiful pink eucalyptus flower photos. How could a walk through that pretty stuff do anything other than invigorate you?
And thanks for the encouragement on the midwifery stuff. Seems a bit pie in the sky, but you never know.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Granny was right then . The secret of true contentment is fresh air and excercise and lots of veg . Hmmmm.
I'm still hoping for it to be large quantities of double cream and continuous showings of Tommy Lee Jones movies . I may have to open a window occasionally and hope for the best .

Kel said...

i think i saw snugglepot peeking out from one of those photos :)
yay you, go for it with blogtoberfest

sue said...

Walking is always good for the soul. I used to get out in my garden and do a bit of weeding to feel better during my dark hours, which did help a great deal. Now I try to take my daughter for walk and she on her scooter or I take our dog for one. I joined blogtoberfest too and it sounds like fun. I have been reading some of the other people too and have found some really nice blogs to read. I am sure it will be fun and you always have so many interesting things to talk about one never feels bored!

Stomper Girl said...

Fixit is supposed to walk to cheer himself up and for general health and wellbeing, and he was good about it during the grips of stress breakdown and then let it slide. Which is a shame. I say walk, Janet. And make time for it and keep it up. Those flowering gum shots are superb, such pink prettiness.

suse said...

Perhaps I should walk too. God knows I need to do something.
And please blog every day in October. I, personally, would love it if you did.
Glad you're feeling better.

Bird Bath said...

oh gum blosssoms are enough to make my day - love those photos. Your right - tackling the blues head on is an excellent tactic.
September sounds like a miserable month, good to hear you are feeling good about October.