bought to you by the colour pink

I stayed home today, and feel much better for it. After ringing work, I lay around and watched kids telly with Grace for a bit. Have you seen The Umbilical Brothers on ABC kids? Grace cacks herself laughing and I quite enjoyed it too, although it did get a bit wearing. Maybe I was more in a Night Garden sort of mood, Iggle Piggle's bed boat looking mighty tempting. Grace and G left before lunch to go to Nana's and Grace is still there, having been asking to sleep at Nana's again for ages. I ate rice pudding for breakfast with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and slept and read, and played on the computer a bit. Snapped a few photos around the house. Went outside briefly and took some more photos.

Noticed that a geranium I took a cutting of when out walking last year (top) has started flowering. As has the apple, which I was a bit worried about, thinking it might never flower. But it has and despite there not seeming to be many bees in this garden compared to the last one, the golden peach and blood plum are covered in tiny little fruit. Still, am thinking that I definitely need to plant some bee and bird attracting plants.

Anyway my foray into the garden was very brief, it was icy cold today. Even by Melbourne spring standards. I'm glad I stayed home, starting to feel a bit better. Maybe I can kick this bug totally over the next couple of days. That would be nice. Ok, I think the telly calls.



suse said...

Oh my, that apple blossom photo is just divine.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Good to see that you're cosseting yourself instead of soldiering on . Mind you , I'm not totally sure that the Night Garden will make you feel greatly better .I'm so pleased Grandson has moved on to Fireman Sam !
Rice pudding and pink flowers sounds like the perfect panacea .

faith said...

Gorgeous fotos. It is very cold here in Melbourne at the moment but I am enjoying all this rain!

Susan said...

Oh, I'm a fan of geraniums. Them and Salvias.
Splendid photos (as always!).
Apples are always the last to flower. We had hail this afternoon which made me fear for the delicate apple blossom as I saw little balls of ice knock off the petals. Plenty some bee weather (not wet, or windy, or cold) will be beneficial.
Glad you're not "going to work at all costs" and taking care of yourself. Better for you and the people you deal with.
Cheers, Sue M.

Eleanor said...

It makes me happy to know that you rested today.