35 concerts

A meme I started writing back in August, from Kim. At the time there were a hundred and fifty other things I should be have been doing on the computer before my head hit the desk. I'm finishing it off tonight because it's time I started cleaning up some of my posts in draft and because honestly, I need a break from writing about the minutia of my life. No matter how fascinating it is to others (sarcastic, moi, oh never). Oh, and because G went to see Megadeth  last night. He assures me it was good but thank God, I missed that one. Anyway this is in rough time sequence and I've decided to take a rather soft line on what actually constitutes a concert. It's also possible that some of this is my imagined history, rather than what actually happened. Some of it was a very long time ago.

  1. Carols by Candlelight at the Sidney Myer Music bowl. As a child.
  2. The Reels at a school dance at a neighbouring boys school in form five, when they were very, very new to Melbourne and my date pogo danced the whole time. Not at all wonderful.
  3. INXS before they became famous at the San Remo ballroom. They were playing for my college (ie where I slept at uni first year) and it was revolting on all levels. I hated them from then on. Passionately.
  4. The Dead Kennedys at The Seaview Ballroom. Do-re-mi with Deborah Conway were support (the clip below is that song and features a great view of a two door Valiant and some old - as in 80s- Melbourne Sydney scenery) and it was awesome in a sweaty-punk-I'm young-and-I'm cool sort of way. And I got down in the mosh pit and stood on the beer shelf on the wall. And I had a very cool short, short red haircut and an old fifties golf jacket that used to be my grandfathers.
  5. Many up and coming bands at the Seaview ballroom and the Prince of Wales on Thursday night when it was free. Pseudo Echo are one that I remember becoming famous later. Mostly it was about walking between the two pubs, posing, getting pissed and meeting boys and finding a lift home. We were nineteen.
  6. New Order at The Venue. Up down turn around ... please don't let me hit the ground, so you've got blue eyes... need I say more. I'm listening to this on youtube as I write, it goes on and on, but the sound is pretty authentic without being totally crap.... how I loved New Order.
  7. The Violent Femmes at Inflation (already mentioned on this blog somewhere else). I went back the second night and danced on stage at the end with a girlfriend. We were noticed by some singer from a cool melbourne band who talked to me later. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
  8. Jonathon Richman at a venue I remember nothing about except that it was seated, but like a pub and you couldn't smoke because he wouldn't perform in a smoky environment. I found this kind of shocking in the eighties when you could smoke on trams and at work, everywhere really. But anyway, it was a fantastic concert. It was around the time of the LP that had that summer feeling on it. I wish I still had that record but it got nicked by my sisters housemate. Long story.
  9. Hunters and Collectors at Melbourne Uni. During the Human Frailty phase. Fantastic.
  10. The Reels again at Melbourne Uni. When they did that k-tel album and the other one with Quasimodo's dream. Totally wonderful.
  11. Eurythmics and Simple Minds at some big arena. Simple Minds I didn't like but the Eurthymics were totally worth it. My first big stadium event.
  12. Culture Club at the same big stadium. I really, really wanted to go to this (even though it was very, very, very uncool in my set) but I couldn't afford it so me and this gay guy who was a friend of a friend at uni, and who was the only other person I knew that liked culture club, hung out outside listening and trying to figure out how to sneak in. So it sort of counts, I guess.
  13. Joan Baez at the concert hall with an old boyfriend. Sometime in the eighties. I was really looking forward to it but it was a bit of a bummer, she only performed for about 20 minutes, because she had a cold.
  14. Michelle Shocked at Dallas Brooks Hall. Along with the entire lesbian population of Melbourne and a few stunned blokes. Beautiful.
  15. Chris Wilson at the Club playing Dylan covers. Blew my mind.
  16. The Models at The Club in Collingwood.
  17. Shriekback at The Club at Collingwood. The eighties were turning into the nineties.
  18. The Cruel Sea at the first height of their aceness upstairs at some place in Prahran. We weren't able to get tickets but my friend Joey Bird told the most outrageous porky about having bought tickets with her credit card and they let us in for free. Guilty pleasure.
  19. Lucinda Williams at the Central Club with a shy and dorky guy I did kind of fancy at the time and I wasn't sure whether it was a date or not because we were friends. Lucinda was excellent.
  20. Weddings Parties Anything at the Central Club Hotel (G was living there at the time and also went to the Lucinda Williams concert but I didn't know him then). I wasn't part of the Weddos scene, but I went with friends that were and it was a hoot.
  21. REM at Sidney Myer Music Bowl before we started the cafe. So, early nineties. How I wish I'd been to see them again when they came out just before Grace was born, but it was about on my due date. As it was, would have been fine. I still love REM. Always have, always will. I hope they are still releasing music when we are old.
  22. The Mavis's at The Punter's in Brunswick street. It was summer and might well have been the very first time I met G. Not sure, but possibly. Probably about 96. This clip is from after that, in their moment of fame. We sort of knew some of them from the cafe and they were very nice. As well as being pretty hot.
  23. Ron Sexmith at The Corner. Beautiful.
  24. Lou Reed at the athenuem. Awful. With G and he wasn't feeling well, so he didn't enjoy it either. Very disappointing because I expected to love it but he didn't give out a good vibe.
  25. Burning Spear and Toots and the Maytals at the Palais. G talked me into this one and it was great. I loved Burning Spear and it opened up a whole new genre of music to me. How I'd never got into reggae before is kind of amazing, given the stoner dudes I hung with at various times.
  26. Ron Mark Eitzel and some smoky place in Brunswick street. Just after I gave up smoking. G took pity on me and we left early.
  27. Bob Dylan at the big stadium. Twice. The first time Paul Kelly was supporting and I thought he sounded really awesome until Bob came on and was a whole new level of awesome. It was amazing seeing all the generations of concert goers there. I suspect Bob Dylan may not be the nicest person in real life but to hear him in concert is genius.
  28. The Saints at The Cornish Arms in Brunswick. A trip down memory lane and I thought I saw someone I used to know in the audience, you know the girlfriend of an old boyfriend who is probably still with him. She most certainly did not see me.
  29. Richard Thompson at the Concert Hall. Very good. And he did a Britteny Spears song - oops I did it again, which kind of impressed me from one so erudite.
  30. Morrissey and The Anyones at Livid in Melbourne. 2003. I felt far too old for this and despite knowing one of the Anyones and having loved The Smiths way back when, this was one of those events that I just kind of dragged myself around.
  31. Beck at the Palais. I felt way too old amongst all the pretty young things but it was very clever and entertaining and I was having a big Beck moment back then.This is one of my favourite Beck songs (and there is a fridge humping a stove in the clip), although I love his folkier stuff too.
  32. Brian Wilson at the Concert Hall doing Pet Sounds. G made me go and it was superb.
  33. Neil Young at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl. The Greendale concert. (this is a beautiful link with a map and music) Another G made me go too. It drizzled and we sat under a tarp until it stopped. Kind of romantic. I listened to Greendale and other Neil Young in the car non stop for about a year after that. The start of a total Neil phase.
  34. The Mooks, Enola Fall and the Nonchalants in Tasmania while Grace was in utero, G was worried about the effect on her development hearing the Nonchalance, they were so bad and loud. But the rest of the night was pretty good.
  35. The Handsome Family at Ceres (with Grace in utero again) and again at The East Brunswick when it was so hot that I sweated from my eyeballs. Wouldn't have missed them for quids.
  36. And how could I forget? Wilco at the Palais with Julie. That was a truly rocking night and a memory to be treasured.
  37. I'm sure we've been to see more music since Grace was born, but you know I just can't remember.



suse said...

What a great post to read tonight! It's midnight and I've just come home from seeing Elvis Costello at the Palais - wonderful. And I saw a boy (man) in the crowd who'd I knew when we were both 19.
That pub in Prahran where you saw The Cruel Sea upstairs was possibly ID's? Later renamed as the Cosmopolitan? I proposed to Mr Soup up there.
Excellent meme. Must slavishly copy.

Bianca said...

Ha I had the same Michelle Shocked experience, only in Canberra. And I'm very jealous that the Dead Kennedy's and Toots and the Maytals are on your list.

Frogdancer said...

Michelle Shocked? I'm envious.

Leigh said...

You have impeccable taste in music.

Stomper Girl said...

I kinda knew Matt from the Mavis's too, mostly a hospitality thing. He is SO NICE! Also if G was living at the Central Club, odds on he would have stepped over my legs on his way upstairs while I ws downstairs doing the merch or the door or doing organising stuff for the Weddos. Small, small world.

Lynda aka Miss Prudence Knits said...

Love love love this post!!!
I remember going to the Violent Femmes at the ANU refectory, and t Reels and a heap of these!!!
thanks for reminding me!