from now on, light wins over dark

The Sunday before last (has it really been that long since I blogged?) we celebrated the Spring Equinox down by the Merri Creek. The creek was full of rushing water, the grass was long and lush. There was also a fair bit of onion weed, but that's the city for you. There was eating and drinking, hanging out, children playing and climbing the cliff. And some very serious cape action.

Unfortunately our social calender (plus my laziness) has been such that we didn't make it to the cape making workshop, but I'm thinking that we should plan some outfits for the summer solstice celebration. And some lanterns or torches for zooming about after dark and making our way back to the bridge and home again.

Life is pretty good in the 'hood. 


Kate said...

I am so jealous, it looks like so much fun!
(just typed 'so much gin' by accident. Whoops)

mim said...

glorious! so sad we missed it but we are back now and ready for the next one! x x

M said...

I think capes are marvellous whether for wearing to solstices or not.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Your neighbourhood always looks so nice !