clothes swap in the park

Last Sunday we had a clothes swap in the park. It was organised as a fundraiser to buy some equipment for our drygoods co-op and it was so much fun (even though I was still in recovery mode and thought I might not make it,  I'm glad I did). It was simple too. The deal was that you arrived with your bag of things to swap; clothes (kid's, men's, women's), books, toys, shoes, some bric a brac. Basically anything good enough to give to the opshop. You paid five dollars per family and you were in. There was also a table with slices of cake, tea and coffee for a gold coin donation. We all started looking at everything as it arrived, of course, but put everything back in the pile. Once everyone was there, we stood around, poised and waited for the word. Then we fossicked. Oh it was good! The only danger was that if you took something off to try something on, it was liable to disappear! And Helke nearly lost her new ugg boots. Oops. But those issues got sorted pretty quickly and it all turned out OK.

The best thing I came away with was a beautiful long vintage velvet skirt with a border pattern that I am going to remake into a shorter skirt or some bags.I also picked up a t-shirt to remake slightly for Grace (although it's in an adult size she asked if it was for her - it's stripey and really her colours) and some dress ups. Gerard got some records and Grace got some new toys. We got rid of heaps and heaps of stuff and it was a good feeling that our neighbours got a chance to pick over it before it went to the oppy. Afterwards, a woman from a local opshop came with a van and took the remaining stuff away. It was a winner all round.

I think we're going to do it four times a year now, just before the season changes perhaps. Indeed, I heard that it may be the easiest fundraiser ever. Not that I organised it, but it sure beats being asked to take chocolate from childcare to sell at work. We said no to that one, because we'd just eat it and end up not only having eaten a shitload of very expensive chocolate but paying for it too.  And the clothes swap was great, the kids were talking about it for ages and I think anything where we come home with less stuff than we walked out the door with has to be a good thing.

* * * *

Thank you for your well wishes too. Things are slowly starting to improve, although I am going to have another week off work. I have all these thoughts about the hospital system swirling about my head but maybe I'll leave them until some other time.

Night, night.


  1. Glad things are improving for you, the clothes swap looks like fun and it is a terrific idea...

  2. Oh it looks like lots of fun.
    I want to organise a fundraiser swap, but with a twist that I read about in Sewing Green - you set up tables with sewing machines, stencilling, embroidering, etc and everyone gets to alter and embellish their 'new' clothes on the spot (and to learn how to if they don't have those skills), and then you hold a fashion parade at the end.
    First, I need to figure out who to fundraise for and then I need some TIME...
    It would be fun though, don't you think?

  3. Swap sounds like a great idea ! Hope you're feeling more comfortable now . Re your last blog ....I agree ...WHY isn't hospital food better ? I remember , with wonder , a plate of macaroni cheese without a vestige of cheese .

  4. That is such a good idea. Although now that we go to school I feel morally obliged to give all our opshop toys and clothes to the school fete each year

  5. What a fantastic idea! And with a great community feel about it too. Glad you are feeling better!

  6. Yeah, it was great!
    Didn't realise you were post-op. Serves me right for being a bad blogger. All the best for the rest of your recovery...
    I'm very happy the velvet skirt went to you, you'll have to blog the bag when you get around to making it...

  7. that clothing swap looks great!