a windy night

Last night there was a full moon and the wind rattled the windows so loud I could hardly sleep, despite clean sheets and a clean house from both of us running around with the duster and the vacuum cleaner while Grace sulked in her room. The dripping tap in the bathroom woke me up, as did the noise of Grace sucking her thumb. Not to mention the wind.

My thoughts at the moment are not things I can talk about here and now, so have a picture of an orchid. A gift from a friend and neighbour when I had the cold. Still smelling sweet, still looking good.

Later we might leave Grace at Nana's for the night and go to the footy. I guess that would count as a date. No, really, I am not going mad again. Quite the opposite. But I am wondering what I will wear.... thermals and hat I guess. In blue.


  1. thermals and layers and layer and layers....

  2. The moon was exceptionally beautiful last night and tonight.
    I hope things are ok.

  3. I am so tired of feeling like Michelin Man in all my layers.
    Hope the thoughts aren't distressing ones. Or not TOO distressing, anyhow.

  4. Yes , that constitutes a date .... he really loves you if you're allowed to watch a match with him ! Thermal underwear is permitted after the first date .

  5. You're a woman of contradiction Janet! I hope those are carnal thoughts (and not murderous ones) you're not sharing :))