things to be happy about

All of a sudden last week I turned into shrew woman and it was quite unpleasant. There were metaphorical cupboards to be turned out and issues to be discussed and well, yech. So I arranged for Grace to go to her Nana's so we could like, you know, talk about said issues and G said, but I want to go to the football. So we did. And it was a much better idea.

So here is a list of things that I am happy about:

The footy was tense but truly excellent. It was very cold but Carlton won. I remembered all those times we used to go to the footy together and how much I enjoy it. There is something very uplifting about a big crowd experience, it's a bit like a big dance party except it's not all night and the people are more diverse and interesting. And there are men in shorts running very fast doing tricky things with a ball. We discussed taking Grace next year. It would be a great thing to do as a family. Maybe we should get a membership and really commit for a year!

Nana care only a phone call and short drive away. Brilliant. We are so lucky in this regard.

Pumpkin pizza. I made this for the second time and we think it is really delicious. And it involves pumpkin, which is a tricky veg to get through in this house.

I am going to book a week in Queensland for the three of us in late October. Not only will we see Betty and Maeve and Ruby and Cam, but there will be beaches. And maybe we can go to the big pineapple or something like that.

We had a shared dinner with some of our neighbours last night. (I so love our 'hood) The children ran around and trashed the house (eek it's going to be our turn on the karmic wheel sometime soon) then relaxed in front of the heater reading books and napping while we sat outside and drank beer and vodka and relaxed like grown ups. Oooh and I tasted tofu burgers that were really, really good. I must get the recipe.

Then after I got home, I did a bit more work on the High School for Coburg website and stayed up much later than I should have. But it was good. It's not finished, there is a stack of work to do, but I've made a good start.

There was some guerrilla gardening action down at the pool this morning and I didn't do much but I did take heaps of photos. It looks so good. I can't wait to see it as I go past on the bus.

Planted a grapevine and big yellow rose in the front yard. And the mulching is nearly done. It almost looks half decent. Well, it looks like a start.

And you know, isn't it amazing how a night out can make you feel so much better. Who'd have thunk it?

Oooh looky. It's bed time. Shite. Better go to bed before my feet freeze off. Work tomorrow.


mary said...

Now that is a good exercise - things to be happy about.
Hmmm - I should give that a go.
My mouth is watering at the thought of pumpkin pizza.

Alby Mangroves said...

I've always thought I might go to the footy one day. Mr M doesn't really love it, and I certainly don't love it, so we've never been,
but I think I'd like to just go and experience it. I hope your shrew woman was placated by a pigskin and scantily-clad men with good legs.

fiveandtwo said...

Oh yes, we have a pumpkin-hater chez Ross St. Sweet potato and carrot are ok, but she can detect pumpkin. Seriously. I cook with pumpkin off and on because I love it- and I am the cook - and all else be buggered.
Heh, standard response to complaints: cook tea yourself. I remain the cook.
The Big Pineapple is ok. There's a little train trip around that talks about pineapple growing (quite interesting, really). Going up The Big Pineapple itself hasn't changed since 1975 - the first time I visited as a ten year old.
The rest of the place is devoted to merchandising and food selling (if you could call it food).
The little train trip is the best part. There's a rainforest walk and an animal farm.
Glad the husband won't travel for Footy.

kim at allconsuming said...

What about tonight! GO THE BLUES! How awesome is it. As Fev said, 8 years in the making, now we're in the finals and maybe we can make a bit of trouble.
How sexy are our Carlton boys. Seeing that pic about of Juddie on the big screen, tapped in all his glory. *swoon*
Can't believe Essendon knocked St Kilda off their perch either. (I have quite the soft spot for Reiwoldt - I know! TRAITOR!)

Rachel said...

Pumpkin pizza? I think that may be worth a post all of its own. Sounds very interesting.