another lovely craft weekend

Over the last week life has quite literally, been a pain in the arse. No doubt at some point I will go into far too much detail about that and the surgery I am going to have this Thursday which promises to be an even bigger pain in the arse, but hopefully will cure aforesaid pain. Suffice to say, when the surgeon offered me last Thursday as a possible date... I said, NOOOOOOOO, I can't miss out on Craft Weekend. I am nothing if not committed. Luckily, sitting down has not been a problem.

Anyway, enough about my bottom issues. Craft weekend was delightful. As always. The last week or two have been so insanely busy. I set myself a huge amount of work and put far too much pressure and stress on myself and those around me. So for me, this weekend was all about relaxing, not rushing and just being. One thing that really helped was not driving, thanks to Di who came and picked me up and Suse who drove me home. It really is an absolute luxury to be driven and I really appreciated it this time. So thank you both. 

august craft weekend

1. view out the front yard, 2. lichen and shadow, 3. dew and mist, 4. daffodil, 5. the shot through the window of the studio in the evening, 6. tea and snack time, 7. lana and bruce, 8. tree shadows on green grass, 9. my new knitting bag, 10. di making a sewing machine cover, 11. it was quite windy, 12. ellen, 13. blossom, 14. jill with some wool, 15. lichen, 16. catherine and suse, 17. brooch for grace, 18. the light coming in the window, 19. wool silk jumper, 20. ellen, suse and di, 21. looking at pictures of ellen's niece on the internet, 22. morning view, 23. lana's amazing toasted muesli with yoghurt and strawberries, 24. in my new green t-shirt (by suse), 25. cath and ellen behind the flowers, 26. moody spring skies, 27. di and lana knit before breakfast, 28. front of the studio, 29. new growth, 30. the corner bedroom

Arriving at Sewjourn is always fun, noticing seasonal changes in the garden and watching the house and studio take on the colour of the group for the weekend. Despite not rushing or being particularly focussed, I completed five finished items. A knitting bag which I totally didn't plan on making out of some vintage fabric samples from Sooz's grandmother in law and some linen from Di's stash. It has a high wonk factor, but the sight of my new knitting bag sitting on the couch, or hanging from the back of a chair with a new bamboo scarf project in it gives me little thrills of pleasure every time I walk past. Much classier than the Clegs bag. I also made a pair of pyjama pants (for hospital), a green t-shirt and brownish silk wool lace fabric jumper. Both out of fabric I have taken to craft weekends many times and both of which turned out pretty well. Although I think I should have changed the thread when I did the hems on the t-shirt and perhaps my machine really does need a service. Oh,and a flower brooch for Grace. Also unplanned and using a brooch finding from Sally-Rose and a couple of buttons I had with me for goodness knows what. Grace was thrilled to receive it and has worn it ever since. She also got a book about a teddy bear lost in the bush from the opshop and I bought G a record which turned out to be a bit of a find, so he was pleased too.

Meals as ever were fantastic. Another luxury. We had a fabulous lamb stew from Ellen on the friday night. The aroma made me think of my childhood in the best possible way. Then we had sticky date pudding with caramel sauce (which took me three goes to get right as it's been ten years since I did any sugar work and I couldn't find my sugar thermometer - recipe coming on eater next week maybe) from me which was pretty good even if I do say so myself. Breakfast was the most awesome homemade toasted muesli with yoghurt and strawberries from Lana. Lunch was two utterly delicious soups from Cath and Suse accompanied by sensational bread from the farmer's market. Then dinner was the most astonishing lamb roast stuffed with pinenuts and other delicious things with a tomatoey reduction sauce served with kipfler potatoes, baby beetroots and salad. Then we had this divine citrus fruit salad and I could not resist taking the last few pieces of grapefruit. Just perfect. Amazingly the next morning we we ready for brunch served by Di which was a caramlised onion and feta frittata and baked beans. Just delicious. Perhaps unsurprisingly we gave lunch a miss and snacked until just before leaving when we polished off the remaining frittata. Not only was all the food totally scrumptious, I hardly had to cook any of it and being one of the last to leave, I took home a few choice leftovers. Which we've been eating ever since.

Like always I feel so lucky and grateful that I get to do this, that G doesn't mind and encourages it even, that a place such as Sewjourn exists in a magic little space just on our doorstep and that I have this group of wonderful women to share it with.  I feel well refreshed. Thank you universe. 


ThirdCat said...

That is all.
Oh, no, it's not. Sorry about your bottom issues. Really do hope the surgery goes well and does the trick. Stuff like that can really get you down. Take care.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I hope that Thursday makes a dramatic difference to the problem that you vaguely refer to with such exemplary restraint !
The weekend sounded wonderful and very productive ......And I envy Grace her two-button brooch !

sooz said...

I really wanted to say oh bum! or bugger! but both would be entirely inappropriate, so I'll say what a shame! Just doesn't have the same expressive ring...good luck with the hospital trip. Looks like you had a fab weekend.

suse said...

Your sticky toffee pud WAS the best I've ever had, and that's saying something cos I think my own is quite magnificent. (she said, modestly).
Good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure all will go well. At the very least you'll have meals made for you and served in bed.
Thanks for making it the most relaxing, restorative craft weekend ever.

Stomper Girl said...

I think you were very right to delay pain-in-the-arse work for a chill-out and makefest at Sewjourn. You are a wise woman. Good luck for the hostibal xx

victoria said...

So sorry to hear about your health prob - wishing you a very sucessful surgery. Will find any reports you choose to make on this very interesting!
Glad to hear you had a great craft weekend before hospial time and I adore the knitting bag, the fabric's so cool and how meaningful with it coming from 2 different friends and made amongst friends too.

Eleanor said...

I'm so happy for you! So wonderful to see the photos too!
Good luck for the surgery, will be thinking of you. Sending you hugs and kisses....

Susan said...

Oh my goodnes. I'm rather overcome by the descriptions of food - I was Salivating just reading about it. Wiping my chin, pretty much literally.
Wish I could've come but glad I didn't sign on, because I would not have been able to, at the last minute. Illness strikes out of the blue, and I'm tending to little sicky twins even now. Plus Clare has nits, which is just something that needs to be done, and then followed up.
Sounds like it was most productive. The knitting bag sounds just lovely, and I can really relate to the "walking past, giving pleasure" thing. It may contain something that'll take loads of time to complete... but the sight of the receptacle is pleasure enough.

Jan said...

I'm so glad you were able to put the surgery off......priorities, I say. Hope it went well though. Thanks once again for leaving Sewjourn so neat and tidy - it is always an absolute pleasure to have your group visit. I have a collection of things left behind this time so will be in touch to deliver them back.....maybe we need a box to keep your things in between visits!

Sian said...

Hi Janet
My butt is very sympathetic as I have been there too and know all about these things unfortunately...
I hope all goes well.
Ps Very envious of women gathering to make stuff although Iam not very crafty myself Iam inspired.

Alby Mangroves said...

It's been way too long since I've looked at your blog Janet !! I'm so glad you got to go again and enjoyed it so much - I cant wait until the Queen's Birthday next year.. it feels like forever! Well done x