winter of mild discontent

Yes, I guess it is truly winter now. And I wish that the weather would be rainy and properly cold, instead of  just damp, grey and dark.

Some things that have been shitting me:

The way people drive as though they are the only people on the road with somewhere important to go. And then crash their cars. Get on the bus dudes.
Morning trains.
The alarum clock.
Shouting, screaming and tantrums. From grownups and children alike.
Getting everybody out of the house to get to a party at a playcentre on time. You would think that Grace didn't want to go parties the way she drags her heels (yet she loves all parties as only a four year old can). Next time I'm going say what time we need to go, give a warning about 20 minutes beforehand and then go and get myself ready.  If no-one is ready at the appointed time, I'll just wait in the lounge room with a book or some knitting. If we don't get there in time and miss out, well, so be it. Could I really do this? Would it work?
Alongside a borderline depression, I have mild hypochondria. Manifesting itself in wanting to get my snoring investigated, because you know, it could be sleep apnoea. And I wouldn't mind getting a mild man flu version of the swine flu next week because a) if it's a man flu someone has to bring me tea and biscuits on the couch and b) if it's swine flu I have to stay at home for seven days after the symptoms have disappeared. But I don't want to be so sick I can't sew or read. Heavens no.
Apparently one pair of shoes I was wearing to work doesn't quite meet the dress code (snort). This came up in my (otherwise fine) performance assessment. Before hearing this, I had just bought a new pair in black, which might be OK, but if they aren't, could I please bring a letter from my doctor saying I have foot issues? Which really is self evident, my feet are big and I am big which equals foot issues. So ludicrous, it's almost funny. They are shoes.
The black pants I made on the last craft weekend have only just been finished. For the second time. I had to unpick the waistband and hem after I wore them the first day because they were so loose they flapped in the wind. I need to learn to listen to the material better.

Some things that have not been shitting me:
I'm going away somewhere very special on the weekend. YAY!!! And it involves craft and lovely ladies of the internet. And cheesecake. How did we manage to swing this?
Work has been quiet enough occasionally that I can relax with it a bit. Today I had a chat with a customer who has some pretty interesting views on the system. A few open ended questions and off he went. He can say things that I can't and today it was peculiarly good to hear them said. Especially since it would be so wrong of me to voice my own opinion in that context.
Taking pictures at night. On the way home from the meeting of this organic vegie co-op that I'm going to be in. I live in an awesome place, with awesome neighbours.
Roses hanging over the fence from next doors. Flowers in the house.
It has started raining.
Did I mention I'm going away on the weekend?


mim said...

liking the night time pictures, heres hoping you have a glorious weekend away xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kel said...

sounds like:
a fun weekend coming up
a great place to live
a balanced take on the onset of winter

mary said...

I have just written to Eleanor to wish her a lovely weekend and I am wishing you the same thing.
I think it will be just the tonic you need!

suse said...

I'm excited to hear that there will be cheesecake.
I think I would like some man-swine-flu too. Starting next Wednesday morning.

Alby Mangroves said...

Mr Mangroves thought I was a bit heavy on his snoring, but then, one night, I got the video camera out and taped him. It scared him into action, and he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea. It was't just snoring, it was the gurgling, the moaning and the stopping of breathing that finally did me in Janet, get it checked and you'll hopefully be able to get much better sleep !

sooz said...

Cheesecake - so glad I read this - I was contemplating making one too! I'll save it for next time.

ThirdCat said...

Srsly? Your shoes?
honestly, sometimes I despair for the world, I really do. (but luckily it's got also got lovely things like your photos, so that cheers me up)

michelle said...

Were you wearing thongs? Ugg boots? Some managers are just knitpickers!
Hope you have a lovely weekend away.

Eleanor said...

See you tomorrow!!!

suse said...

Came back to be boring and say I don't think the 20 minute notice (for going out the door) would work, especially with a four year old.
I still do 5 and then 2 minute warnings every single morning with my boys, and they are 10, 13 and 15!!
See you tomorrow!!

h&b said...

I like the 20min warning thing.
And seriously - what were you wearing - thongs? I don't think so. Odd.
I detest using a flash ( saying that though, I have been saving for a speedlite ), and love love love ambient night lighting. Gorgy pic.

Fiona said...

I reckon the 20min warning is good, you are being clear, unemotional, rational and letting people be responsible for themselves, make sense to me. Actually doing it...well that would take a bit of practice.....

kate said...

I'm quite tempted by the 20 min warning (although obviously pointless with my 2.5 year old), we also do "if you're not ready when it's time to go we're going regardless". So sometimes the kid is half dressed or shoeless when he gets in the car/pram. He's discovering that wet feet are uncomfortable. The Bloke likes to enforce it for me too, so I am often found putting my shoes on in the car, this means I generally get out of driving and suits me fine.
If you are going to do that though you have to be extra specially careful that you actually pack shoes to put on later. Especially if you are going away overnight.