this one time, at craft camp.....

Shortly after the last craft retreat, Suse posted and asked whether or not June was too soon for another weekend at Sewjourn. As it turned out the Queens's birthday weekend was free.  A three day crafting weekend?!?  I was keen but you know, we were pretty dubious that a) we could pull it off so close to other one and b) that there would be enough people who would consider leaving their families for three days. Well. Am I ever glad that Suse booked it. And as it turned out we had a full house. There was Alby, Stomper, Jenny and Eleanor who had never been on a craft weekend before. Alongside me and Suse, Suzie, Ellen and Leslie who have all experienced the delights of Sewjourn on other occasions. It was lovely showing the newies around Sewjourn and and watching them realise how good this craft weekend caper is. Indeed I think it is on the verge of becoming a movement. The day before I left, I was at Rathdowne Remnants and I mentioned that I was going on a craft weekend and the woman asked Sewjourn?  Then she said sadly that had no crafty friends to go with, but somehow I think that's just a matter of time. This craft weekend phenomenon just keeps shifting and moving and I'm betting it will keep growing. I'm glad Sewjourn is chock full of bookings, that means that all over Melbourne, there are women who have experienced the delight that is a Sewjourn craft weekend. Maybe one day we'll need more venues... imagine a whole town taken over by crafting women! 

this one time, at craft camp...

1. me in the dining room mirror, 2. rain AND sunshine, 3. bud, 4. tapshoes, 5. new stripey tee shirt, 6. the stork at night, 7. eleanor pursuing her film studies, 8. running late for dinner, 9. walking back to the studio at night, 10. works in progress, 11. sock monkey buddies, 12. big grey clouds, 13. rosemary, 14. suse's sewing machine, 15. stomper treading the boards, 16. tree, 17. lesley concentrates on her sewing, 18. ellen and suzie, 19. view over the back fence, 20. stomper relaxes by the fire eleanor made, 21. I kept seeing this and liking it, 22. suse spinning, 23. fog on saturday morning, 24. sunrise (by suzie), 25. sunset Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

At first I doubted whether I could go away for three days. The will I get away with this? or am I being a bad mother? do I deserve this? kind of doubt. I let all that hooey go pretty quickly. Besides, G is fine with the whole craft weekend thing. And it means that he gets to go out this Saturday night and I am so totally OK with cancelling my prior engagement because I went to Sewjourn for three nights and three and half days!! And had a fabulous time with fabulous women.

I managed to get ridiculously drunk for a short period of time on an equally ridiculous amount of wine (as in two glasses) and start crocheting a granny triangle. There was superb food, cooked by others. All I had to do was make a lunch and people were happy with soup (I get groans from too much of that soup at home). Snacks appeared as if by magic and the heating was brilliant (unlike home where I am sitting on top of a heater in several layers of clothing, a hat, a hood, hand warmers and a big shawls - it's bloody cold in Coburg I tell you). And what did I make? Well, I left with three finished objects; a tee-shirt and skirt that are so me, a vest that is pretty good but needs to be taken in down the side seams. I also half finished a jumpery top out of the same material where the sleeves are too tight but the sides are too loose. Yeah, I think I need to work on my patterns a bit.  Definitely I spend too much time altering and guessing. Anyway the three finished objects were all worn to work this week and I feel like my wardrobe crisis has been averted and I can't wait to finish all the works in progress. Including the jacket covered in cat hair that I didn't take in case it gave me the mozz.

Have I told you how much I love going to Sewjourn?


  1. So, you're saying we shouldn't keep Sewjourn a secret? I do love the idea of similar places being set up, but will they be as good? Sewjourn is fantastic and has bone china mugs and EVERYTHING!!
    Thanks to you and Suse for organising and inviting, I had ball. (And yes! I'm freezing too now that I'm home)

  2. I'm indecently jealous every single time you go. It reminds me of the girls own trips to Pt Lonsdale my mates and I did before we partnered & babied.
    I went away for a week just before Christmas to visit a friend (and read and sleep alone and sew etc) and was perfectly fine with the idea right up til I had to get out of the car a the airport. Then I burst into tears. I got over it though and had a ball and returned with the energy to be a good mother, rather than a screamy tired lady, which is important.

  3. I'm glad you talked me into it too, it was excellent. I just paid the deposit for next year :)
    Thanks for being the shining light that you are on these weekends. Your quiet presence is is rejuvenating. As is your photography, not to mention your dancing.
    (In the first sentence you missed an opportunity to link to Sewjourn. You really must try harder Janet).

  4. Also, is it a bit odd that a woman who works in a fabric shop has no crafty friends?

  5. Yes, Suse is right, you ARE a shining light. I just can't get over that mosaic, it's just so perfect.
    Thanks for inviting me!!!

  6. So. Jealous.
    Looks wonderful. Crafting. Tap-dancing. Eating. Sewing.
    Oh well (off to Europe now, we all have our crosses to bear). But crafting with buddies...seriously good fun

  7. Those sewjourn weekends sound fabulous every time I read one of your wonderful posts. I adore those sock monkeys and would love to make one. Do they use tights to make theirs as they seem to have extremely long legs. If you know of a pattern for them could you let me know, would be extremely grateful.

  8. I have been drinking in all the blogtales of your weekend and am naturally enough dead jealous.
    It sounds like a wondrous group of women to share yur weekend with

  9. So cool. If you're still all doing this in a few years when my kids are older (got too many) I'm totally inviting myself...
    I love the photos. My favorite is number 23 - views of the tops of other backyards are so interesting.

  10. I can homestly say Janet that when you are not in the studio, it's just not quite the same! Thanks for sharing your room with me too :) and thanks for taking so many great photos to remind me how good it really was x

  11. How I wished I could be there...
    this is almost almost as good ...

  12. You all need to stop posting those photos because I am seriously getting jealous!
    It would be weird to come from interstate for a crafting weekend with people I don't know, right? :P

  13. Thanks Janet - I'm just pleased you had another enjoyable weekend! Not long now until August!

  14. I love your mosaic and you have some of my now completed softies in it, I am honored!
    I still have shirt envy, hope you are enjoying your new work clothes. Do you think of sewjourn every time you wear them?

  15. So bummed I couldn't make it to this one. Am sniggering happily at your post title :)))