on why I haven't been blogging over my holidays

I had imagined that every day of my holiday I would sleep late, craft a little, walk a bit, do some yoga, spend pleasant quality time with my charming child and delightful partner and you know, blog the fantasy. A bit like how I imagined my blog would be when I first started. (I think I've just had my three year blogiversary but I'm just too lazy to go back and check when that first awkward post was.) Anyway, I have chained myself to the computer to finish this - High School for Coburg - it was something I said that I would do a while back, but finishing it had turned into the essay that I didn't want to write. Telly became totally alluring at night and I suddenly all sorts of reasons why I be didn't want to be on the computer, except for the occasional tweet. (Yes, at uni I used to leave essays to the last possible moment)  Anyway, I am totally appalled that our area doesn't have an all ages, open entry high school and I encourage anyone with an interest in this issue to head on over and sign the petition

It's been interesting using blogger. I have to say that while blogger is easier in some respects (the widgets and lists are easier to use and specific to each blog) and free is really hard to beat, it feels nice to come back to typepad. No having to put pictures on flickr first to get decent sized images. Easy to find widgets (although I wish typepad had the updated blogroll one), a big compose area. Typepad also enables you to add PDF and other files and show them as a link which is an advantage. However if it wasn't for blogger not having this facility, I wouldn't have discovered Scribd, kind of like a youtube for accountants, which lets you embed a picture of the file, and a link and is easy to download and email. Perfect for our puposes really. Blogger is also much more feasible than Typepad for multi authoring and having more than one admin without having to pay an outrageous monthly fee for a business account. I'd probably consider swapping platforms if there was an easy way to move my content across. You would think it would just be a slightly tedious import/export scenario, but no I would have to cut and paste each post, each link and each image.
Gratuitous unicorn picture found on google images the other week, just because.... (and I'm a bit sick of my photos at the moment.. it's a light, or rather lack of light thing)

Anyway, if I had been blogging over the last week or so, then I would have been able to tell you about the freezing week while G was in Queensland on holiday. The week in which I had to do dishes (he normally does them because I think we should get a dishwasher and he says, why? I do all the dishes anyway - which is an argument that's hard to beat but it's a system that falls down when he's not around), the house descended into patches of total chaos and I accompanied Grace's childcare as a parent volunteer on an excursion to the children's museum. I am now certain that childcare workers don't get paid enough. The bus was very exciting and so was the museum, but keeping track of all those children! And to top it off, Grace had the most massive tantrum on the way home and when I tried to put get her in the car so she could go home for a desperately needed nap, she bit me on the cheek. Charming. We've since made up but every now and then I wonder whether I should go back to work early. Perhaps I need to do some sewing tomorrow.

Last week did have some bright spots though. Like mail! From bloggers! Once again proving how nice bloggers are, even when you yourself are being the harpy from hell. The first little gift in the mail was from h&b. She'd remembered that Grace had liked this photo and sent her a print in the mail (and let me know that she was doing this so I was happy to let Grace open the envelope). It looks even more amazing in real life than on flickr, despite the fact that Grace has loved it before I could put it on the wall. The second gift was a little handmade leather pouch containing some amber for good luck for me from Alby Mangroves. I won it! Fair and square I'm sure, although I should point out I guess, that I do know her in real life... Thanks h&b and Alby! You sent brightness into a week that had some darker moments. Once again proving that bloggers in our corner of the blogisphere are pretty damn special.


  1. Yes they are!
    Hoping this week is better for you...

  2. It was definitely fair & square, I promise! I put all the commenter's names in a bag, and the Ratbag grabbed one out, and it was you :) I'm glad you liked it. The original design comes from a little pouch that my uncle gave me, that a friend gave to him, many decades ago in Poland. He gave it to me when I was small, and I've had it ever since. Mine has some stones in it, from moments in my life, and some dried flower petals, all little charms..

  3. I must have missed this post update - too busy navel-gazing probably - ugh!
    Glad Grace liked the print. The Dangerbaby is a bit of a biter, and the firstborn has ramped up some ugly tanty behaviours to make up for lost time. I have no idea who is leading who, but it aint pretty at times...