her beloved unicorn

Last month at the Stitches and Craft show, I was looking around Sandra from Winterwood's stall, considering buying a felt animal kit. With the intention of making something charming and special for Grace's birthday. Never mind that there's a dodgy Steiner doll languishing unfinished in my handsewing basket that has been there for over a year. And then I saw the unicorn. It's so perfect, I thought, it will be for display only or I really won't be able to afford it (and for good reason, because it would have taken hours to make). Anyway, I picked up the little unicorn and he felt beautiful and soft in my hand. Grace would adore him. Then I saw he had a price tag and yes I could afford him (but unfortunately not as well as a Betty Jo brooch which had been my plan for a show treat - never mind, next time). So anyway, unicorn came home with me and lived hidden in my wardrobe until the day of the little girl's birthday. 

And I was right. She loves him. Constantly. Unicorn is already not quite as white as before. He likes eating gum leaves and very small gum nuts and sleeping under a hanky. She holds him in her hand or in the crook of her arm while she watches telly. Often he sleeps with her at night and has gone to childcare to be her sleep toy. Last night I spent some time googling unicorns and wikipedia says that according to legend the unicorn is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful. He could be captured only by unfair means, and his single horn was said to neutralize poison. Personally, I worry about this one being small and as he is carried around everywhere, he might get lost. When I suggested to Grace that he might get lost, she said but then you could get me another one. To which I replied, this is the only unicorn just like this one. He's very special. A lady mummy knows made him by hand, and if he is lost, he is gone. She seemed to take that OK.

I have more unicorn research to do, but right now, we are very happy to have this little unicorn in our midst.


  1. Down at the Arthurs Seat maze, they have a maze in the shape of a unicorn. It is in a maize field, and is grown each year in a new design. The guy who makes them was on Getaway last night, saying that they like to choose designs that kids are into. I thought all kids were into Dora and Teletubbies and Wiggles and Bob the Builder etc etc. Thank God Grace has proved me wrong!
    (By the way, if you want to see it, be quick! It closes on 10 May.)

  2. what a cute unicorn
    how lucky is Grace

  3. Maybe he needs to have a special place created for him. Then when he is not in use he is in his special place.
    (Daughter now almost 18 once lost her most beloved toy- family chaos and catastrophe ensued - truly)
    Special toys and really public places - not so good.
    But after all that - he is a most wondrous unicorn indeed!

  4. I'm with Jodie... we have been through the most grievous times when favourite toys have been lost.
    That is one beautiful unicorn for her to treasure for many years yet.

  5. grace is very lucky to have such a beautiful unicorn x

  6. It is a lovely unicorn and it soundsl like she really treasures it.

  7. That is a very beautiful toy. No wonder Grace loves it.

  8. I have been through exactly the same conversations in re: 'oh, we'll just get another one!'. Sheesh! - kids!
    I refuse to replace things that get broken or lost anyway. Once it's gone, it's gone .. although i'd hate to loose our Moo ( cow ). I have googled for another, but like your unicorn, he is one of a kind...

  9. I feel like I have a personal connection to that Unicorn, seeing as I was there when it was first "adopted"!
    By the way...I recently came across a sweet little book called "The Princess and the Unicorn" (by Carol Hughes), I'm not sure if it's available in Australia yet, but it's a lovely story. Something for Grace to grow into as it's really suitable for older kids, but still thought I should mention it.