many worlds

Somehow this autumn weather has turned everything mellow. It's warm but not scarily so. The days seem be taking on this glow and I'm feeling pretty good about things. Don't seem to be finding the time to really be writing about them, but what can you do? These things go in cycles, I suppose. And I feel like I've been dashing between some of my worlds. The family one, the 'hood, my bloggy world, my work. Not always fully in them for as long as I'd like. And as I was cutting out a new pair of trousers this afternoon I was thinking pleasant thoughts about my bloggy world and 'the hood. Funny thing is, they actually cross over a little - which is I guess the nature of our part of the world.

Cathy, Michelle and Eleanor at Mezze in the charmed evening light

Yesterday I went to visit a new friend who lives just down the road. Grace came too and we took the wheelbarrow, to pick up some roses that they'd decided weren't their cup of tea (and if they all turn out to be white - they won't be mine either but we'll see). Of course I checked out her house, which is not quite the same as ours but similar. It was interesting as I hadn't seen inside since the open for inspection, just after we'd bought ours. Grace played with her daughters toys and we drank tea. I took the roses home came back to get Grace and then another local woman arrived with her boy (who is about Grace's age) and baby. The kids ate chips together and then played like angels (doesn't always happen but when your child has lots of play with other children you tend to get some perspective on that, I've discovered) and we drank tea in the perfect autumn warmth. I keep having these quite overwhelming moments of feeling  lucky and it turns out, Emily has them too. I'm not the only one who feared moving out in the sticks and maybe missing something we had in the inner city, only to find that we are in the middle of this fabulous community of young families. With amazing parkland and green spaces. What's more, it's a place where our lifestyle choices don't feel so weird, where other men stay at home to look after children, where sometimes there are people around during the week. Often there are things going on out in the court (I try not to get tense about the burnouts - you do have to take the good with the dubious), neighbours giving us apples over the back fence and another neighbour warning us about planting roses under the electricity line (yes, I did resist rolling my eyes, because he's quite old and lots of things worry him). We reassured him that we'd be careful of pipes and overhead lines.

Anyway, the day before that, after lunch with some women from the pool group, our little family went to a Harmony Day picnic for dinner at the local primary school. Grace and I met the prep teacher and while looking around the junior school discussed school readiness in quite some detail, which has certainly given me pause for thought. We hung out with other families we knew and stopped for a drink at someones' house on the way home. As the kids played around us. So relaxing. This would never have happened in our old life in Brunswick. Maybe it was because we were renters or because we lived on a main road, but I don't know, maybe this area just suits us better. I'm pretty excited that Grace might go to this school sooner than we thought and that here is another part of this community we can be part off. Perhaps I'll get used to feeling like this.

Eleanor bellydances, Suse captures the moment and Sandra has just or is about to slip ten cents down her dress!

Then the weekend before that, well that was the Stitches and Craft show. A big event in one of my other communities. I feel like there was so much I didn't get to see or do at the show itself, half a day wasn't enough and it was hot and muggy. But I did get to meet some lovely crafty bloggers and then go out for the most hilarious, riotously, fun dinner which Sooz organised and captures the feel of so well in this post  at Mezze (definitely a restaurant I'd go back to). It's always great to catch up with bloggers I've met before and excellent to meet others that I feel like I should have met already, but somehow hadn't. I don't think I've ever been to a disappointing blogmeet and this was no exception. We talked and talked. About our lives and craft and stuff and blogging (of course - how lovely to talk about blogging with people whose eyes don't glaze over) and more stuff. So much talking that be the end of the night I felt quite hoarse. Oh, and we got gifts too. It was kind of like Christmas. I did worry, not being super crafty these days but I stuck with what I do and it turned out pretty well even if I say myself. And it went to the lovely Betty Jo, who as it turns out lives quite close to enough to my 'hood to swim in the pool. I received a parcel from Sandra which contained some beautiful felt and a delightful owl who is now living on the kitchen window sill and is talked to regularly by Grace, who has taken firm possession.

Later that weekend I also visited Suse at her home with the amazing view and had morning tea with her, her charming sons and the lovely Eleanor. Again, so much fun. Thank you so much Suse! Then all too quickly the weekend was over and it was back to my other community. The work one. And oh my dear, that corner of my world is just a little dour at the moment. Long lines of customers. Three days takes so much energy, I'm zonked by the end of it. And I can't really grizzle at all, because as one customer so politely pointed out to me, I have a good, secure (as they come) job. In a growth area right now. That feels so not right. Not to worry. At the end of each week now, I always cycle back into my local community vibe and in about a month I have five weeks leave. Which will include a craft weekend, a week at home with just me and Grace, maybe a family road trip and lots of just hanging in my 'hood. Counting the days.


Eleanor said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that you will have some time off soon...time to recharge.
You are a fabulous photographer!! You have managed to capture some classic moments. I keep revisiting that photo of me leaving on the train and it makes me laugh every time. Thanks so so much!!!
P.S. Please hug Grace from me (can I be Aunty Eleanor, hehehe).

Kel said...

what a lovely gift
to find yourself surrounded by such community
capturing the essence of some of it with the blog dinner (wish I didn't live so far away, as I'd love to get involved in some of those bloggy events)
i love autumn
mellow time

suse said...

That photo of Eleanor on the train and me helpless with laughter, just makes me helpless with laughter all over again.
Thanks for making it such a lovely day.

Frogdancer said...

I clicked on the link and when it came to me I jumped and called out, "Oh, how lovely!!!"
Scared the hell out of the kids....!
It was an excellent night, and I was so happy to FINALLY put a face to the name! (I haven't looked at Flikr or making clothes yet. Still scary....)

crafty said...

Hi Janet, I LOVE your photos, they really capture the mood.
I enjoyed this post, like a nice gentle stroll.
I have finally got around to doing the Things that make me happy meme.

h&b said...

this post positively GLOWS.

Alison said...

That sense of community is a wonderful thing. You are very lucky to enjoy that.
Sounds like the blog-dinner was a hoot!