it can rain until November

Actually, as far as I concerned it can keep raining for much longer than that. Although it would probably be a good thing if there wasn't any heavy, torrential rain in the hills until there is some vegetation to hold the soil together. We certainly don't want landslides after the devastation of those fires. Not that I'm an expert on such things, I'm just thinking out loud here. In any case, it has been so, so good to have rain. To read that the fire fighters are getting some much needed rest and that although the fires are still going, the worst threat is possibly over for this season. Not that I trust our weather - there were fires on the Prom the year Grace was born, well into April. However, it does feel as though Autumn may have come on cue this year and wouldn't that be lovely. On Monday morning as I was waiting for the bus, the sun was shining after some overnight rain and the gum trees in the park smelt of that damp eucalypt smell and everything sparkled. There was no dust in the air anymore and I could see dark damp soil amongst the yellow grass. It was truly divine. It's drizzled on and off all week and yesterday in the city there were puddles and umbrellas everywhere. We have been wearing our raincoats and loving it.

I did take some pictures of the rain on my little camera yesterday but haven't got around to downloading them because I'm feeling slack, slack, slack. So I thought I'd do this memey thing that I keep seeing around, most recently at ethel loves fred. You choose the 6th photo from the 6th folder of your photos. Now I have a kind of compulsive folder system for most of my photos, there's a standard set of folders that are archived at the end of each season and then I make new standard folders and sub folders. But my 6th folder at the moment is an odd one that just hangs around until it's big enough to archive - the experimental or altered folder. These are the 6th, 7th and 8th from that folder and they're sort of a set.

They're pictures I took at the end of last winter when we were still in our old house, but some time after we'd bought this one. At some stage I put them through the olderator that I found at The Bird Bath and never got around to posting them. Now I must say that I found the olderator process extremely slow and unless you have a superfast broadband connection, it helps to shrink the size of the image first.  I'm still thinking about the old house on and off at the moment. Especially when I pass it on the tram or hear that the new occupants may have pulled up the dreadful carpet.  Even though I love our new house. And like the neighbourhood here much more. With the creeks and the parks and the friendly community, it's an environment I feel more at home in somehow. Yet I'm still nostalgic. Funny that. I guess the old house and me were like an old foot and an old sock. We were very comfortable together. We had history. Years and years of seasons together. Me and the new house, well we've had a summer together now and we got through that OK, now we have to see how we go with a winter.

So what's in your 6th folder?


  1. God knows - I am so disorganised -
    Tried that link - you are right - way too slow for impatient pre menstrual old me!

  2. I like the photo of G, he looks wise. I'm sure he'll think that's funny :) I still think about our first house sometimes, and wonder what the new owners did to it. I hope it's nice.

  3. Those photos look so magical like that. Especially the last one. Totally understand the feelings for the old house, I avoid ever going on the street of our old house, even though I'm happier to be in the new place.... just all those times and memories and life .....and everything.... sigh .....