slowly drifts into sleep

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be treated to a day at Sewjourn (otherwise known as craft heaven). Suse won a prize of a day crafting there and got to take a friend, and that friend was me (thanks Suse!). Lucky me. (If my tone seems strange, it's because I'm reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbabra Kingsolver in almost every spare moment - even standing at the tram stop -  and I think I am being taken over by the character Rachel). I took the quilt for Maeve that I've been working on for quite a while. Actually though, the making of this quilt has mostly been part of my inner craft life. So progress has been slow. Luckily she is very little and hangs out in her mum and dad's arms (and sometimes her aunty's - such a cuddly little baby). I'm blaming the heat and my lack of skillz with a rotary cutter. Before going on the craft day, I watched this lady on youtube explain how to cut fabric with a cutter, again and again, trying to figure out where I was going wrong.Then I got distracted by watching videos of all these crazy quilt ladies. I love the idea of quilts and quilting, but there's also something very scary about it as a craft. Is because of the precision and maths required, or just that thing of cutting up fabric into tiny little squares only to sew it back together again? Or how it seems to be very addictive? Then I got nervous about the craft day, would it be full of scary and crazy quilters? 

Kind of crazy, yes. Scary, no. Well, not on a personal level. The quilting work was awesomely good. Hovering on that edge between somewhat intimidating and totally inspiring. But you know what it's like with a room full of crafters, eventhough you're doing your own stuff, soon enough you're looking at this and that and asking questions, picking up tips and watching how things are done and nattering away and then someone offers to show you how to use a rotary cutter when you're ready. And they do. And lo and behold, it is no longer a mystery and after a day of much cutting, I have these mad rotary cutter skillz (or a start anyway). Thanks Meredithe!

All in all it was a great day, with awesome company (full list here on Bronwyns's blog), lunch laid on, cupcakes and air conditioning. And a big photo session with Suse on the way home in a cooling breeze. It was great. I even didn't feel guilty about lingering because I wasn't driving. Lovely. Much scampiness from Grace on my return home, but she loves her target t-shirt with the rough noddy applique. That I should photograph (note to self - photo any actual crafting that is half way presentable).

I'd show you the quilt in progress too, but my sister, mother of the newborn Maeve, reads here occasionally. She knows I'm making a quilt, but I'd like to keep some element of surprise. I really did think that I'd ffinish it on Saturday, but of course I didn't. Still I have this coming weekend, which is a full blown craft retreat with my regular group (aren't I lucky). But I also feel the need to make something to wear to work. Coming up with clean, seasonally appropriate clothes three days in a row being a challenge right now. So who knows. I might see how the weekend goes.


  1. I have had a quilt in the making for my little Peanut (she just turned 1, as you know!) for approximately 1.5 years. Well, at least in my head. I have gotten as far as cutting out squares of fabric and loosely putting them together on the table to see where I would like the pieces to go. I'm so excited to hear about your quilt's progress, it almost makes me want to work on mine!! At this rate, I'll have it finished for her 18th Birthday :)

  2. I am finishing up (binding) a quilt for my nephew that I started when he was born, and he is now three and a half. Oops.

  3. Take photos of the stuff thats even not presentable - I had a rotary cutter disability for the longest time..until I saw someone using one ...and then it made sense!

  4. It was awesome, wasn't it?
    Love the shot of the soft focus car ...

  5. Ah, Barbara Kingsolver. The Poisonwood Bible is un-put-downable. I like B. Kingsolver's non-fiction as much as her fiction.
    Sounds like a great weekend!