when it's just too damned hot

:: your brain starts to melt and simple decisions become difficult. driving, even with the aircon on, seems very glarey and trickey. you somehow feel compelled to sit in this hot room and write about the heat.

:: you spend a hot morning hacking the haircut you went out in the heat to get on Tuesday. you say you want it very short. they cut it in a bob. towards the end you are fuming but hold your ground and say that it wasn't what you asked for. they offer another session for free (really no skin off their nose as it was a hairdressing school). you wouldn't offer that hairdresser a job (she was trying out for a job in the chain) no matter how good her cutting skills if she a) can't listen and b) can't read such obvious body language. on the second cut we are on a path to short short and then you say you kind of like the long on top of the short and the hairdresser convinces you to go with that. should never have changed your mind. have been hacking it ever since. it is now very short. and hacked. in the heat that seems like the only sensible option (photo to come).

:: the streets are eerily quiet. you dash to the shop in the morning for some supplies; ice, food, dry ginger.  you're reminded of an earthcore, 1999 perhaps when it was so hot that you dreamed we all lived in holes under ground and only came up at night. the man at the shop says the fridge is not cooling properly. it has a cover over it. you buy snack food, tinned dolmades, bread, labeneh, fruit. things to eat without cooking, because who'd want to light a stove in the house?

:: bloglines has been going nuts. you opened it last night to see thousands of posts. next time you open it they're all gone

:: you curse when you forgot to cover the steering wheel and gear stick in the car because, despite the aircon, it's really too hot to touch for the short drive to pick Grace up early from childcare because the airconditioners there have broken down. normally you wouldn't drive to do this, but it seems cruel making a three year old walk up the hill when the sun is glaring and it's 43C (actually it got up to 44.3C later in the day, that's 111.74F). you tell Grace not to touch anything metal on the car, because it will burn her.

:: you wonder why people are so anti airconditioning? you considered getting rid of yours (the ugly thing on the wall) but it's your new best friend. at least one room in the house is bearable. it's turned off for the night, but it's going on again tomorrow. reno plans now include evaporative aircon with the existing fans when we can afford it.

:: you watch a DVD (the one about Beatrice Potter) in the afternoon. in the aircon. you let Grace watch the end with you, despite the fact that she has a telly ban for treating her dvds badly. it is nice but you don't let her watch any kids telly because a) there is no tv reception anymore and b) there's a telly ban and c) you're mean like that.

:: you all go to the pool for dinner. along with everyone else in the neighborhood. nobody eats much. you wish you'd packed more beer. being submerged is the best, best feeling. you all play in the water alot. even G. Grace is most happy. it's fun. very social. you're outraged they close the pool at eight and everyone just packs up and goes home.

:: there's another day of this and then the foercast is for days in the mid thirties (35C = 95F). you're reading the BOM site a lot at the moment. funny how that looks like relief from here. you should have gone to bed an hour ago. at least.


  1. Oh god I feel so for you guys. I used to live in Adelaide so I KNOW this weather. I remember it being so hot that we would sleep outside just to get some relief.
    The use of airconditioning on those revoltingly hot days you are having is probably saving lives...

  2. Seriously, get the evaporative air con. It's saved our sanity over the last few days. The house is still warm, but it's bearable.
    (I'm going to play around with your Flikr suggestion over the weekend. If I can't make heads or tails of it, I'll shoot you an email. Thanks.)

  3. no point going to bed, when it's too damn hot to sleep, the temperature only cools down enough to sleep just when it's time to get back out of bed in the morning :(

  4. I was wondering around the house at 1.30 this morning as I couldn't sleep. I am thinking of heading out to the beach this morning and then bunkering down until I have to go out tonight.
    You know it is hot when you are relieved that on Saturday it is only going to be 35!

  5. "you're reading the BOM site a lot at the moment."
    And we're only 36 here inn Tas. But lordy, it's awful and as a non-driver with 2 kids, there's really not much to do but sit in the house (no air con) and watch telly. Thank goodness for ABC2. (No telly ban here.)

  6. I really wish this hot weather would go away and we only had highs of 25 degrees. Now wouldnt that be so nice. We have had our evap cooling on every day and some parts of the night trying to cool down. Too packed to go to the swimming pool here, it seems most of the community have decided to cool off that way. Our poor car has been hot too and I have to remind my daughter not to open the door or lean on anything black in the car as she will probably get a burn from it. Must get the aircon regassed in the car. I hope you cool down tonight after hopefully this heatwave is over.

  7. Bless that ugly thing on the wall, it is my new best best best friend

  8. I was all responsible before - no, we don't need air conditioning - it's morally suspect etc etc etc - gee i want it now!

  9. We have no airconditioning (we took out our ugly - and precariously installed - thing in the wall and didn't miss it at all last summer.) So we spent one day in the shopping centr (an odd sense of camaraderie rarely seen in shopping centres). Friday morning Una was at creche till 11 and then after we picked her up we drove down to Eltham library, ate lunch on the shaded and barely tolerable veranda, went to a cafe (where the aircon had broken down) and had spiders and iced coffee, then spent about 3 hours in the library reading so many stories I could barely speak. Again camaraderie - as much as I've hated the heat it does make it more bearable knowing you're all in it together. Yesterday was bearable, even though it did get up to 37, and this morning is blissful.

  10. I can relate to the hairdressing saga. I tend to get my haircut once a year as I always seem to end up with a haircut that ages me about 10 yrs!! It may seem cynical of me, but it seems many young people in service industries don't listen to the customer. As long as they get paid then the rest is just background noise. I know it's a generalisation, but I get really frustrated by it.

  11. Hi Janet - it was lovely to meet you on Sat at Sewjourn - I think your blogs are going to be a favourite of mine - I've just spent too much time at Mrs Washalot (helps to slow down my own allotted chore time!) Don't forget to show some piccies of your cot quilt progress. Hope we can meet again at some crafty endeavour!