tree of happiness

A while ago Frogdancer tagged me for this meme, and while memes generally makeme very happy, this one has languished along with all the other posts I have meant to write. Perhaps because recently I've been tense. Focused on what I'm not happy about. So tonight, deep breath, is the night. I will try not to be sarcastic, or to hint at the things that I would like to be different, because you know I think that's against the spirit of the whole thing.

Here are the rules…

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List six things that make you happy.

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Now I'm going to skip the whole family and big things that I'm grateful for like a house and job, and not living somewhere we could be bombed etc. Let's just take those things for granted eh? I'm going to list the little things, the small joys...

1. The moment of plunging into a body of water. Resurfacing and seeing trees and skies. Swimming, boogie boarding and playing in the water. Hanging out besides a pool, beach, lake, river dam. There is no amount of swimsuit angst that will make me forgo these pleasures. You're likely to see a big smile on my face when I'm in or near the water. And although I love going to the pool by myself to swim, I adore getting in the water with Grace. The other day she had on her floaties and a ring and was getting me to pick her up and toss her into the deep water. Again and again. It was hilarious. The water was soft and silky, the light was gorgeous too. 

2. Food. Eating good food. Trying new foods, exploring new places to shop. This is a particular little pleasure at the moment. Today I discovered a Pakistani shop in easy walking distance with an amazing range of neatly packed beans, paneer and snack food. Surpisingly Grace liked the cumin seed cunchies I bought with G in mind. When I did the veggie shop at my new favourite Lebanese shop, I also bought tangy Iraqi bread and green almonds. Neither of which I'd had before. And these biscuits called pitiful biscuits. Very sweet, very yummy.

 3. Light and shade. Having a camera has made me see differently. It's given me a way to see beauty in unlikely places and made the whole world just so much more interesting. 

4. Dinner in the park. We have a park at the end of our street where some of the people we know 'round here gather on a Friday night to have a b-b-q and a drink while the kids play. Grace gets very excited when I tell her that it's dinner in the park night, and not just because we have sausages. I love hanging with my cool neighbours, it feels like a very natural way to get to know each other. And last night I watched Grace scootering up and down the path in a line with the other kids. And stood around while G and one of the other dads played basket ball with the kids. That all made me very happy.

5. The sound of my dressmaking scissors cutting through fabric on a wooden table.

6. And last but not least, work. I know I wasn't going to mention it and it's not even glamorous, creative or extremely well paid work. Sometimes I even want to be doing something else. I might even whinge about it. But I love that I have a stable job, doing something I consider practical and useful (and that has a slack dress code). That it is the public service and I can work part time hours at much better than minimum pay and conditions. I meet all sorts of people and over time have realised that the roughest toughest exterior might hold the gentlest soul. That well presented middle class women (and men) can be real bitches. And vice versa and all things in between. You just can't tell, so it's better to just take people as they come. Everyone has a story to tell and if you meet people with a bit of realness and a smile on occasion, most people will be OK.  It might even be fun.

 So there you go. And I really love blogging. I ran out of numbers, but you know, even though I'm not posting much at the moment, I do love blogging. And Flickr. And have just discovered Facebook. That's a worry. Sort off. Maybe the novelty will wear off.... Although I'm thinking it might be good for rallying more support for our beloved pool.

And to make things sunnier still.... I'm on holidays all next week! Which is very well timed, because we'll be welcoming a new nephew or niece to the clan. All those new baby vibes and aunty cuddles to be soaked up. I'm looking forward to that. Indeed I am.


oops,  I forgot to tag.... Alby   Mim  Mary  Kim  Crafty and Laura Jane . But it's only a light tap on the shoulder type of tag. 


Alison said...

What lovely moments of happiness that you find in your life. This post has prompted me to look for the happy moments over and above our general good fortune. I have a cold and its easy to pass over the bright spots when you feel bad.

Frogdancer said...

It's a nice meme to do, isn't it? Just the little things that often we take for granted. Loved the description of swimming, by the way.

bluemountainsmary said...

This was just gorgeous to read on a Sunday morning of a long weekend....
I am hopeless at doing memes. This one though - is one I may do very soon...

Laura said...

Ooh, the swimming description was very evocative.
And thanks for the reminder that it must REALLY make you happy because'no amount of swimsuit angst could make you forgo it'. That's happiness indeed.
Thanks Janet for the 'light tap'. It'll resurface one day.

h&b said...

5. The sound of my dressmaking scissors cutting through fabric on a wooden table.
Even though I am not a sewer, I do know and love this sound. It's a resounding "Crunch crunch crunch", don't you think ?
And it brought a smile to my face as I believe it's been years since I heard it ..

Megan said...

I too LOVE the sound of scissors cutting fabric.

kim at allconsuming said...

Oh my! I've been tagged! I think that is a first!
I'm on to it.
And I loved your list too.

Pen said...

5. Yes.
6. Double plus yes. One of the many unexpected pleasures of joining the public service.

Crafty said...

OOOh, nearly missed the tapping on my shoulder.....