it'll be fine in 09

It's been a big year, hasn't it? Or has it? Maybe buying your first home, starting to fix it up and moving will make any year seem bigger than average. Aside from that, I think what has also marked this year for me has been the absence of major psychiatric crisis. Especially as 2007 was not a good year for my crazy. That's something to be pleased about. Outside my own little world, the two things that I think I'll remember about 2008 are The Sorry (good amazing) and the Global Economic Crisis (bad but maybe with some benefit to a world drowning in consumption). With not much in between. I think both will shape our lives over the next few years in ways we don't know yet.

I haven't really been big on the resolutions in the past, although I did have a crack in 2007. But I've been thinking about whether I could come up with ten realistic resolutions for the new year. Or maybe I'll call them intentions....

1 :: Go back to yoga. Before I turn into an old woman who can't sit on the floor or tie her shoes.

2 :: Take more pictures of landscapes. Requires leaving the city occasionally, which would have to be a good thing

3:: Swim, swim, swim. Enjoy my pool. It really is lovely. Cool water, green grass and surrounded by the bushy Merri Creek. Grace likes it too.

4 :: I'd like to say loose weight, because being fat and getting fatter is shitting me to tears*, but I know that diets suck and don't really work in the long term. And then there's that complex interplay of medication, genes, comfort eating and other fa(c)tors at work. However I reckon I could abstain from eating so many sweets and those sneaky salt and vinegar chips for afternoon tea at at work. (Oh, but salt and vinegar after six hours of customer service is just soooo good). And get more exercise. Let's call it doing the Healthy at Every Size thing. But without the Fantasy of Being Thin. Oh, and maybe the Intuitive Eating Thing.

5 :: Cut my hair much shorter and live with the grey. Even if only for a few days. To see whether it rocks or not. Besides, I really don't want to dirty up the new bathroom with hair dye do I?

6 :: Always have cut flowers.  I have some lovely vases and enjoy arranging flowers. There are two really good spots for flowers in this house and Grace is old enough now for them not to be a hazard. Now, as I can't really afford to be buying flowers every week, and as we barely have a garden yet, this is going to be a challenge. This week it's rose hips from the neighbours bush that hangs into our yard. She said I could cut them back, and although I'm not really game to go round to her side, hopefully this might encourage another flush and then there will be some more roses!

7 :: Get to know my new neighbourhood. The creeks, the bushy bits, the derelictia, the shops, the streets, the gardens. Lots of walking, lots of taking pictures.

8 :: Eat better food. Try and step out of the mushroom pasta rut more often.

9 :: Plant at least 25 trees or shrubs in our garden. I was going to aim for 50, but it would be silly to plant more than I could look after, wouldn't it? And once the first lot have established, then I can plant more, more, more. Mum doesn't think I'll fit that many trees, but having counted the spaces along the fence,  I think I might.

10 :: And last but certainly not least, work on the house. Making it better and homier for all of us. Today I made temporary curtains for the study and G was mighty pleased.

Do you have any new year's resolutions/intentions?


*quite literally the other morning in the doctors office. We were discussing my snoring issues and how my psychiatrist has fielded weight watchers, seeing a dietitian and lap band surgery. None of which I am at all keen on. There being more than enough doctors and the like in my life as it is. Anyway my GP was very gentle and sat through my tears, just acknowleging that I was upset. As it turns out, he is not a big fan of surgery or dieting either. Then when I said that I was trying to exercise more (well, I can't help it with the new commute), he said that he thought that exercise was more likely to improve my health issues (puffy foot and snoring) than losing weight per se. Then I went to Savers and on to the bathers shop as planned and bought new bathers for me and Grace, without crying, feeling tragic or falling on the floor with despair. My world is a strange place sometimes. Go figure.


Laura said...

You bought bathers without crying or falling down? Blink! How is that even possible?
I am very impressed.
I think your good intentions sound splendid. I also like the sound of your GP.
I would however caution against any more than 25 of said bushes/trees, due to consequences of lack of sunshine and resulting spindliness. It hurts to admit overcrowding and pull some out cos its dark in the house.
(the voice of experience)

BirdBath said...

Sounds like a fine year in the works - I like your list of intentions.

Frogdancer said...

I second Laura's comment about the bathers shopping. I think it's the most depressing thing in the world. I have bathers that are about 6 or 7 years old that I keep wearing because I dread going into those harshly lit changing rooms and having all my illusions about myself stripped away....

Penni said...

Even when I was a size 10-12 and had young skin, and a stomach that simply bulged instead of sagging, buying bathers would make me feel like shit. Now I am strictly a rashie, underwire bikini top to hold everything up and board shorts girl (though I do have an old pair of navy blue speedos that will come out if I ever have the opportunity to swim a lap again.)
Your new year's intentions are very inspiring. Must make my own list. I'm actually feeling a bit overwhelmed about the year ahead, it's going to be a tough one for me with 2 novels to write (one half done though), looking after Una three days a week, Fred staring school, possibly one car (which means I'll be stuck at home on my Una days), one close friend now working full time another moved interstate, and in the meantime trying to find other ways of generating income. It's Martin's last year of study and while I know next year I'll be miserable about him returning to full time work, this year I'm feeling a bit sick of our elective poverty. Ack.
Oops, sorry to blurt.

Kel said...

mmm cut flowers
those rosehips looks fab
i'm in awe of you woman
bather shopping without despair
what's the secret!?!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I was going to suggest Weight Watchers which isn't a diet but rather a life change/ reeducation/ whatever. If you're not into meetings and stuff you can always do it online or at home (or do what I did which was sneak into the Newsagents, buy the magazine and just follow the menus in the middle til I worked out the system...)

Susan said...

Lots of fruit trees is wonderful, however, they compete with each other when planted closely, and down the track shade those areas you plant your vegies. In spite of that, wonderful fruit is yours, and shade in summer/sun in winter.
Two-in-one-hole and double-grafted trees are the way to go for small spaces. That way you can get flowering happening at the right time for pollination (esp. apples, pears & european plums) plus a good variety of fruit.

Susan said...

PS: Rosehip photos really beautiful. New Year intentions - good on you!. I think and think...and in the end resolve nothing.

bluemountainsmary said...

There are a few of us in the blogging world working together to lose some weight.
All I can think of to do is to halve my portions and exercise more. I loathe diets.
I love your resolutions. May have to steal some or all of them..

Stomper Girl said...

I'm all for exercising over dieting. Dieting is so much about denial, who wants to live like that full-time? Whereas with exercise you get all those bonus endorphins! Having said that I'm on a January regime (while tap is on holiday) of doing a mother-friendly bootcamp and so far have not had a single endorphin rush. If it makes me buff again though I can live without them. Only til tap starts again though...
Happy New Year Janet, I wish you well with your intentions. I was just thinking the other day I'd like more cut flowers in my life.

shula said...

Come to Jivana, Janet, we could eat after at my house.

victoria said...

I love rose hips and that photo. Having flowers in vases around the house all the time sounds like a very good resolution. I could get on board with that one. My kids like it when I put flowers around the place too. Isn't it nice when they get old enough not to automatically find it fun to wreck any new arrangement?!
p.s. I love Shapely Prose, it's now one of my favorite blogs ever - mind changing.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Lovely rosehips! The very thought of swimming now is makes me gasp was -10C here this morning . But cycling regularly , even short distances ,works for me . The glow of virtue is satisfying too !

Suze said...

Regular yoga has done wonders for me, after I almost reached the can-hardly-tie-shoelaces-anymore stage.
Good luck!

librarygirl said...

I think we are the same age and I've been
"embracing my grey" and not colouring since August last year. It is a really interesting journey and I feel really empowered by it - now I really notice how women our age have been sucked in to the whole racket of covering greys. Good book to read is Anne Kreamer's "Going Grey". Happy New Year!

h&b said...

25 trees !!
Fantastic !
I'm looking forward to following your 2009 Janet - so many good things in your life right now, so much promise, and cut flowers.
I am waiting patiently for my fruit trees to grow and provide shade and dappled sunlight ( and fruit ! ) .. only another 10yrs to go ! :)

h&b said...

I just realised i've been commenting on your blog, and thinking the 'preview' was confirmation of my comment being posted .. I don't think i've been doing the word veri -
So if I haven't been here for a while ( ? ), well, that's simply not true.
I'm just a twot.

Alby Mangroves said...

Your still-life photos are usually lovely, and I always enjoy having a look at what took your fancy. However, these rosehips, well they just make me want to get my oils out and paint. And that's saying a lot Janet!! Thanks heaps for coming to Peanut's party too, and she loves her Spot book, although the Ratbag has requisitioned the little wind-up swimmer :)