from here to there, from there to here

.... funny things are everywhere.*
So yes, we are here. And it's taken me a while to get back online, well to this space online anyway. My days just seem so crowded, with the house, learning where things go, finding new routines, work and family. And a post moving energy that swings between being fired up to get things done and an extreme lassitude. We're more or less unpacked. Except for a big basket of useless bathroom stuff, some toys and pictures in Graces room (which hasn't been done because she seems happy with what she has. I need to do a big re-organise to fit it all in, which I keep putting off) and a few decorative touches. Then there's the shed. Which will be fine once we get the curtains and cushions out and re-pack it. But we're waiting on curtain rods. Special brass ones, which G was pretty keen on and I like the sound off. Especially once they stop being so shiny and develop a patina. So we don't really have curtains yet. Just blankets hung in the tops of the windows. Which I find very disconcerting. Especially as I have to constantly explain to Grace that we need to keep the bathroom door shut so that the next door neighbour doesn't see mummy's bottom. I miss my curtains.

The old house has gone to someone who will love her and there were some intense moments returning to gather the things left behind in the rush of moving day. Grace hated it. Can't say I blame her. It looked dirty and empty. The second time we went back was after G had done a big clean up and although it was still traumatic for her, we did have some nice time sitting on the front step waiting for Jodie while G and Camo dismantled house at po-po corner for transport to the new house. The move itself was grueling. As was the day after. Thank goodness we had the truck and the two men. Who were pretty damn good. And quite reasonably priced. That night though, we had the worst home delivery pizza and chicken salad I have ever had, delivered late to three very tired and grumpy people. One of whom was a three year old. Not pretty. Luckily we have since discovered another home delivery pizza place that is OK and as a bonus will also deliver grocery items and alcohol.

Of course, Telstra totally mucked up the move order and we were without the internet for five days after we moved. Apparently the move order was made in good time and then cancelled five minutes later. By someone at Telstra (in my moments of extreme Telstra loathing, I suspect it was vindictive after my episode of being the snarky customer reading from the website). Anyway, I huffed and puffed and tried to complain properly but there's nobody you can complain to verbally or get a response from.  G did a little better and managed to get it connected a day earlier than it was going to be. Let me just say this (cue chairman kevin voice) once our exchange gets iinet, I think we will ditch Telstra and explore the world of naked DSL. Don't ask me what it stands for but basically it means you don't have a home phone line as such, but your phone is attached to your internet connection. Apparently it's much cheaper and faster. And I won't have to interact with Telstra. Massive advantages.

What else? The commute to work is like interval training. I run for trains and buses. Especially the funny bus that drops me at the end of the court. It only goes every half hour and I run to catch it in the morning and again from the train. There's lots of public transport, but none of it is that direct, or that convenient. I guess I was spoiled before, having a tram right outside my door.  And spoiled by being so inner city. Although I do quite like going on the train. It covers such a distance surprisingly quickly. And it's very nice to sleep without the sounds of trucks whooshing past, trams clanking and hoons arguing on the street. I also wake to sounds of birds in the trees. Perhaps I'll get fit too.

Gerard has been in power shelf building mode! In the last  week he has installed a big one in the study, one in the so called sunroom with hooks underneath for shopping bags etc and another in the toilet for toilet paper etc. He also helped me arrange a whole heap of existing shelves on my desk so they won't fall down. And affixed cuphooks, unblocked the kitchen sink, fixed the lawnmower and oiled the front door lock so my key doesn't jam. I've been in cleaning mode, washing nearly everything as I unpacked it. Even washed the white couch which was filthy. Our new house is much lighter than the old one, so you can tell. Hopefully this weekend I'll get to do the windows, unpack the bathroom and the last two boxes Grace's room and have a big rest. Which I need, work has been rather busy and intense too. More customers, kevin's christmas present and no extra staff, and I can feel this tight little knot in my shoulder from it. It's all really rather exhausting, But this new house is starting to feel like home. Especially when I walk up the street after a long day and return home. Now off to bed, to dream about my front garden plans which are becoming more and more rose filled. Perhaps we will have had enough rain to start soon. I wonder.

* from Wet Pet, Dry Pet a Dr Seuss book that was on high rotation at the time of moving, perhaps because it was one of the few books not in a box.


Frogdancer said...

I'm so glad that the move went well. (Except for the pizza). The curtain rods sound lovely.

Kel said...

how nice to be almost unpacked
and have a local pizza place
we hope to move into our house by xmas
final inspection is next thursday...

Kel said...

how nice to be nearly unpacked
we hope to move in by xmas

suse said...

Ooh I have missed you. Welcome back, and can't wait to see the new house.

Zoe Smith said...

Whereto have you guys moved? Sounds like a bit of a change from Brunny!
Zoe xx

Susan said...

Well, you've been BUSY. I practically had to catch my breath after reading your post! Glad the move went well and you're in line for a big rest.
Adore those "curtain" photos, I love filtered window light and you've captured it beautifully.

Stomper Girl said...

WEll done for getting in and sorted. Your own house, wow.

Stomper Girl said...

WEll done you for getting out and in and on! Your own house, wow and now you live there.

Stomper Girl said...

Oh sorry the word verification was so slow i thought i'd lost that first comment.

Shelagh said...

Love the light through the makeshift curtains:)
Happy settling in:)

victoria said...

Good to hear you're settling in. (that sounds all trite but I mean it!)
We still have blankets and bedspread for curtains in our lounge room, 10 months after moving house.

h&b said...

It'll all start to fit sooner rather than later, and in no time, you'll think you always lived there.
I used to have ENGIN from Dick Smiths, but switched back to Telstra, for some reason, no idea. I liked it, it was good.
And cheap.