christmas debrief

So. Today I packed away the Christmas tree and baubles, my mischievous little elf deciding that playing with her foam picture kit featuring a princess, prince, rainbow and a horse was much more exciting than helping. Despite having insisted that she would like to help. Anyway. It's all done for another year. I even vacuumed up the tinsel detritus and freshened the flowers. We need to go shopping for food, although the fridge is still full of Christmas cake, shortbread and stollen. There was also, for some reason, a Darrell Lea christmas pud (like the easter eggs, which are also delicious, although the pud has a little touch of white chocolate and a crispy green leaf on top, mmm). Maybe that's a new tradition in our christmas hampers from mum? Who knows, except that as G isn't eating sugar at the moment due to some dental issues, there's still an awful lot of sweet food just sitting there. Oh well.

Grace got so many presents it's lucky we did a clean out before and after moving. We made her open the presents from us first so that they got a look in. Even so the avalanche of gifts tends to make us both a little tense. Really though, it was all OK and the things she loved have been pretty well spread across the givers. Biggest hits so far were the doll from her Tasmanian grandparents and a book I bought her at the last minute from the social club book ordering service at work, Puff the Magic Dragon with accompanying CD. (Actually, if it comes up again I might buy another couple and put them away in my secret present cupboard for unexpected birthdays - very charming and would be a safe bet with the 2 - 5 set I think). There were some other gifts of note, the Gumby DVD Gerard bought over the internet from the US fan club which we watched together enfamille. Grace found the ones with bad dreams populated by the dough monster and robots a bit scary and decided that Daddy should have the DVD back. We've had a talk about bad dreams and that if scary monsters come, she just has to call out and mummy or daddy or nana will come and and protect her, with a stick (her words) if necessary. The portable white board from dad, the kooky fridge magnets from aunt betty and uncie mo have also been on high rotation. Although there has been some banning of textas for drawing on the furniture (I know, I am so mean). There are also some beginner embroidery supplies from mum and a whole lot of art supplies that I've put away for later. Gerard liked his videos, especially the Bruce Springsteen concert one and I love my book (The Slap, by Christos Tsiolkas) and the plants from mum and lance. And everyone likes getting a box of champagne (from dad and nina).

Christmas Day itself was quite chilled, despite the fact that we didn't get to sleep 'til quite late due to the neighbours very enthusiastic fireworks.The weather was beautiful and although I found my mum's partially in the process of being renovated kitchen somewhat chaotic and difficult, we all got fed, the children played nicely with each other and both had naps. I found that I still had a level of Christmas anxiety running under the medication, but maybe that's just Christmas for me as a mother. Last year I had made a mental note to do more in the month before Christmas and prepare in a pleasant way (eg making and sending cards, baking, making some gifts, selecting photos for the calender that may well becoming a tradition). However given that we've just moved and that we were hanging curtains the week before, I suspect a gentle preparation for Christmas this year would have been an unrealistic expectation. Just a little.

Anyway, as usual, we did nothing much on Boxing day. I love how the period between Christmas and Boxing day lends itself to utter idleness. Indeed I think it's one of the best bits of a good Christmas. Grace and I ate leftover sago plum pudding with cream for my breakfast and her morning tea. We watched dvds and went to the park. On Saturday, I slept in late again and then went to the pool by myself, swum laps and lay under a big tree reading my book. It was excellent to see all these people having fun at the pool. Indeed it was so excellent that I went back home and got Grace who had by that stage awoken from her nap.  She loved it and had a great time playing with some other kids. I thought of the walk we did around the pool last year and of her looking inside from outside and just got goosebumps. So we went to the pool again today. And I'd go again tomorrow if I didn't have to work. And sleep in late again if I could. And read books on warm days under the slow swirl of a ceiling fan. It truly is the life. Sigh.

But yes, Christmas this year was pretty good. Hope yours was too.


Frogdancer said...

Your Christmas sounds as nice as mine. Though I bet I win on the 'do nothing' stakes after Christmas Day. For three days all I've done is read, watch tv and lazily hang washing out and bring it in. It's been heaven.

Susan said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely. Medication or not, it does have some tense times. I am still stressed by not sending any christmas cards this year. I've made some phone calls and sent some emails,'s been such an institution for me that I'm somewhat aghast at not doing it.
Since one of my Christmas presents was an inflatable bat (a joke I hope) with which to beat myself up, I'm trying hard not have an issue of it!
We used to have a season ticket to our local outdoor pool when the teens were little. It was a tradition for me to pick them up from school early on those searingly hot days and adjourn to the pool.
I still really like the pool on hot days, I'm fat I find it much harder to go. I hate the public exposure of my body.
I need to "get used to it" I guess!
Happy New Year!

h&b said...

I got The Slap too ( cannily, I bought it myself and place it under the tree :p) - i'm about a third in, after reading ( very quickly ) the Lucy family Alphabet ( Judith Lucy ), so i'm in book heaven ATM.
I'm very much in Harry's camp BTW ...
that kid had it coming, and his parents are deadshits...
So far...