not just another day at work

Work today was intense. Owing to the Melbourne Cup Day holiday on Tuesday (which I didn't get because I don't work on Tuesday), there were three days work spread over two. Endless queues of anxious, stressed,grumpy and some downright belligerent customers. I can still feel the knot in my shoulders. But it wasn't just any old double lodgement day. It was one of those important days in history and there were some big moments that transcended everything else. Like when I was on the phone to our translating service and the woman making the booking stopped mid sentence as her office broke into a big cheer, Obama's just won she said. I looked across to the waiting area in my office and all eyes were glued to the telly. A big moment indeed. I mentioned this to the customer who I was booking the interpreter for and she smiled a big smile.

   Pictures from UK Telegraph.

Later I snuck away for my break and sat in the tea room to watch Barack Obama give his acceptance speech. Looking at the faces in the crowd, I found myself tearing up. Funny how a good election result will do that to me! And on the way home tonight, a tram driver was punching the air with happiness. Not just another busy day at work.

Congratulations America!


blue milk said...

Wasn't it just incredible?!

Elaine from Florida USA said...

I know we got the right man in the job. I didn't realize it would mean so much to other countries. Thanks- Elaine

Alison said...

It was quite something! We were watching the results come in on the television, expecting a long evening, when suddenly at 8pm Pacific Time it was all over!
My only sadness is that Prop 8: banning gay marriage in californina, did pass...what a disappointment.

bluemountainsmary said...

Oh very bad news about Prop 8.
But me too - tearing up at seeing all the emotion on faces of all colours in that crowd.

Elaine said...

We had something like that Prop 8 here in Florida too. I voted 'NO' so gays could get married. At least I tried. It passed so gays can't get married in Florida.
Elaine in Florida USA