excited mummy moment

Last week at playgroup, I sat down at the table where Grace was drawing a circle with the textas and asked her what it was going to be. I expected scary monsters, but she said, it's me, this is my head and this is my hair and it's black. I watched quietly, holding myself in (feeling this weird almost teary sort of proud, privileged moment that I might have missed seeing, this is really new and fabulous, sort of emotion) and being very excited. The playgroup teacher came over and asked Grace about her picture and Grace took us through all the components, body, eyes, ears, mouth nose, fingers, toes, legs and hair. Then she wrote her name on the side. It looks like a scribble, but there's a good attempt at a G and definitely a concept of what writing is. Now I'm not at all interested in teaching Grace to draw or write at this stage but it's thrilling seeing her come out with these things. Very sudden and most exciting.

 I'm glad I took a photo of the picture later, because Grace kept taking it off the fridge and back into her room. It was being carted around the house for a while but then when I wanted to show Nana after lunch today, it was nowhere to be seen. Lucky I have my camera and the internet!

Once again I am behind in my blogging and photos, but I expect it to become even more sporadic as moving day draws closer. Gulp. So much to do. And a website I'm building for another project to complete. Have just realised how much I love typepad after wrestling with blogger for over a week. I knew I'd have a bit of a learning curve with a new platform and some ambitious ideas but I never realised how good the typepad help is and how much I appreciate the last resort of the help ticket system (the one where a live person corresponds with you until your issue is resolved) as a opposed to a google group. Oh well, I guess that's what one pays for. And blogger does have other advantages. Like being able to use downloaded skins and customise the css without paying a premium. But why doesn't it have pages? This malarkey of having to set up a different blog or use a post as a de-facto page has evil whiskers on it. Never mind, at least if the Australian dollar sinks to such a level that typepad becomes unfeasible then I'll know a fair bit about blogger. And it is better for team blogs. There, whinge ended. Now must do some more tweaking before the energetic whirlwind that is Grace at 3 and a half arises from her nap.


  1. how exciting to see a development stage suddenly emerge in her artwork
    some of the best fun i've had is with a little friend who is about the same age, and paint and paper in our studio/shed
    kids just let it rip when it comes to creativity, and very proud of all their creations
    puts us big kids to shame....

  2. I am ever so impressed about Grace's drawing ! My Ratbag would be hard-pressed to bother, let alone draw with intent :)

  3. She knows she is a whirlwind too. Look at her explosive hands and feet in her self-portrait.

  4. :-) Such a wonderful moment! The wonders of the world unfolding for a new person...

  5. So cute and precious. I love the digital camera for recording these kid art moments. My Mr 3 is at a drawing stage like this too - love it so much.