since we last spoke

I've been on a fantabulous craft weekend, about which there's lots to say. It's probably mostly been said, but  told myself that once I'd cleared my backlog of pictures and done an in betweeny post, then I'd have a clear run at it. Life does seem to be getting in the way of blogging at the moment. We've had visitors from tassie and up north who helped Gerard work on the house. Things got done at a cracking pace, the whole project moved forward significantly and it was fun and totally exhausting. Here's a picture of Adrian glazing our kitchen window, which the previous owners had covered with plastic and sticky tape (which had become yellow with age). He also glazed the other broken and cracked windows. In less than a day.

I can't tell you what a difference it makes to the kitchen, which we're not painting because the paints OK until we do the big kitchen refit in a year or two. However we're starting to talk about buying paint for the rest of the house very soon. There's just a few minor issues to resolve before painting. For instance the textured suface on the walls, which we like but which looks strange when the cracks are filled with plaster. It's a 1940's or 50's finish, so there's another lot of research for moi. Hopefully I'll do better than the linoleum that turned out to be vinyl but is still quite nice in a hospital sort of way. I had a glimpse of how special the bath and the basin will look together when we measured up exactly where it would go and where the shelf will be. Once the painting's done, we'll be all set to move, so we're talking dates. Exciting times. I'm very keen to move in before the end of November. Even if it is a bit daunting.

What else? Grace has had an on again off again gastro/giarda bug that finally responded to a treatment.  But not before she had a crappy couple of weeks and I did a whole lot of washing and worrying about the poor little mite. She had a casual day at childcare today and seemed to really enjoy it, but passed out on her chair before dinner. Obviously naptime is shorter than at home. My feet are puffy again and I think I should probably go to the doctor. Sigh. Oh, and that's right, the stockmarket crashed. Which means recession will be upon us once more and I'll be super busy at work. Probably a better place to be than where I was last time round. Although in the eighties we did get to have boozy lunches and smoke at our desks as the sky fell in. Och, not making sense. More about craft tommorrow.


kate said...

As consolation on the vinyl not lino front: friends got real lino and discovered that it should also come with a live in maid for the polishing. My Mum's vinyl, on the other hand, comes up very nicely with a quick mopping.
Glad the gastro is on the way out, that the reno is in the home straight, and that you enjoyed the craft weekend. Although I am a green eyed monster on the last point.

Megan said...

Vinyl/lino is the best stuff. We had a house that once that had a vinyl floor in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. Magic. Warm in winter, cool in summer, easy to clean.
Our current kitchen has either vinyl or lino - I don't know. It's a very old house. Must check it out. Whatever it is I just love the stuff.

victoria said...

Sorry to hear about Grace's guardia. My husband also has it at the moment (got it in India recently) and it has been really hard to get rid of.
How exciting that you will be moving in November!

h&b said...

Lino: I used to like doing printwork with lino. Very satisfying to feel and see the curve and curl of the indented art. Now i've typed that, I can even smell it.
Oh yeah.
As for plastic and stickytape - what's your problem ? Are you some kind of a window snob ? Sheesh. Worked ok for the previous people :p
Wonderful pics as usual - you're still one of my fave photographers .. no matter how many fancy ones I study or follow.
And I can't believe my first 80's smoking office. It was fun, fine, and the norm. Now i'd run a mile - am I more sensitive, more annoying, or just old and cranky ?
Can't wait to see more as it all unfolds..

suse said...

Adrian's taste in singlets is kinda ... sprightly.