moving the bath

The new bath is in and so is most of the plumbing.The wall between the hall and the bathroom has been framed and the sliding door has been hung. The bath was a bastard to move. So mostly I just stood around and documented the occasion. Except for last friday when I had to help push it into the car and help get it from the boot to the driveway. Where it stayed until Lance could come and help. He reckons his big talent is brute strength and I have to admit, they made it look easy. Much less swearing than I expected. Cast iron baths are heavy, heavy, heavy. But now it's in, we reckon it's the business. I love the way the blue of the basin and aqua of the bath are different but related. It's not a look for everyone, but we love it. 

I'd still like to find some crystal taps, I thought I saw some attached to a bath for sale on e-bay but unfortunately they were only the acrylic ones which are still easy to buy. Does anyone know if crystal taps are still available? Perhaps in some dusty old hardware shop full of unexpected treasures - the man at the plumbing shop said that they were made by Dorf in the seventies. I'm also on the look out for linoleum, but that can be bought new. Just not in groovy patterns. I didn't know this, but linoleum and marmoleum are sustainable (made from resins on a woven base), don't release gases and are really long lasting.  Who knew? I wish I could shop here. Awesome.


  1. That's the seafoam colour I want to pain my crafts room!
    Oh I have heard that about bathtubs, that they're the worst for renovations. I love yours though, very cool.

  2. OMG - couldn't believe my eyes, its the same bath we took out of our house in Melbourne when we reno'd the bathroom
    then we bought it down to the acreage here and used it as our outdoor bathroom for a few months before the shed was liveable
    yeah, re marmoleum, i wanted to use that in our new house, but Mr X was not to be pursuaded - so we've ended up with tiles, which I've just found out I might be starting to lay today!?!

  3. Lance looks VERY strong.
    There is a second hand plumbing shop in Carlton somewhere, have you tried that? I sourced taps from there for a dancing gimmick once. I can find out the name of it if you want...

  4. hey it is going to be fab, i think the colours are really good together, what a job. We have that to do way down the road, which is good cos i keep changing my mind . Ok maybe Schots Home Emporium would have your taps, they do a whole lot of different stuff and at the minute are having a 50% off sale !!!!! ENJOY

  5. I can't remember what you are doing with the walls - because the blues are gorgeous and I'd love to know what colour you are going with on the walls.
    Told you I love a good renovation!

  6. My last two attempts at comments didn't work so I'm trying one.more.time:
    If only my powder-room renovation was happening sooner because...I have crystal taps. I would gladly give them to you but I figure it will take me so long to start the reno that you'll be ready to reno your bathroom AGAIN.
    I have photos of them on my blog somewhere a few months ago.

  7. It's a very good look. I have to remember to take a photo of the blue basin at my house to show you!

  8. awesome, darlin'
    Wishing for crystal taps to find their way home to you ( hint: maybe EasternMax can give you hers, for a fee ? Have you seen them ? I'm in love with them.. )

  9. If you're desperate I have white ones I could send you. See here: