I stripped screws today*

Indeed. That's what I did today. Stripped screws. And window hardware. It was quite satisfying really. I had been going over one of the windows, doing some sanding here and linseed oil putty filling there. Hoping that by the end of the day it would pass muster and could be ticked off as something ready for painting by Mr Fussy Finish. Who I might add is quite right, now when I see old windows where the bumps and layers have been painted over in haste, I can tell and I think it would irritate me in this house. It's a small, fairly plain house and I think what will make the difference is finish.  Even so the tension between perfection and getting it done is becoming tighter and tighter. I booked a truck yesterday, in a tentative, can we change the date if we're not ready, kind of way. So we have a month to finish and move in. Or not. I'd quite like to be living there before the pool opens on December 1st, so you know, this is the pointy end of the job.

Anyway when I thought it was the end of this set of windows, I asked G what we were going to do with the window fittings. He took them off the windows and I soaked them in stripper and stood there at the kitchen sink with the scourer, some steel wool and a brush. Listening to the next door 's music clash with the my generation show on the golden oldies station. They were featuring 1983 and among the dross were some beauties. Like Culture Club's Church of the Poison Mind . I thought it was great then and reckon it still stands up. Anyway, although the two sounds effect was irritating (probably for her as much as for me) it was nice standing there at the sink. Some of the fittings came out beautifully, some are pocked with rust. We've decided that they're all going back on the windows and we'll call it patina. Then I asked whether I needed to do the screws, because really that did seem a little fussy and G came in with some pliers to hold them in, and a screwdriver for getting the paint out of the heads. This is the man whose mates mock him for re-using nails, but seriously it was quicker and more pleasant than going down to Bunnings and then searching frantically for just the right thing before closing. Although I'm sure there would be more than the odd screw in his shed.

* actually that would be yesterday, but as I was getting ready to add pictures and press publish, the D drive on my computer disappeared into the ether. Gulp. Luckily Dad was able to come over and weave his magic, oops I mean calmly and rationally work through the issues and everything is fixed. Including some minor issues on outlook. Thanks Dad!


  1. Ahhhh, the glamorous life!
    Thanks for the doll quilt help. The size you suggested sounds about right. The sewing machine will be fired up tonight after work...

  2. I am truly impressed that you held screws in a pair of pliers and methodically stripped and cleaned them.
    That's dedication.

  3. Impressed!
    This house is going to be very satisfying for you to live in.

  4. I love the idea of re-using screws. They just wind up in landfill otherwise, and there's nothing wrong with them. People are so conditioned to waste.
    The man has a Good Attitude.

  5. I admire your patience. That's the sort of work I hate doing.