craft nirvana

The other night dreamt I was back at Sewjourn, working at one of the big tables with Suzie, Di, Suse, Sue, Maria, SallyRose, Cath and Jill. Grace refers to these women as the ladies from the computer, (as distinct from the pool ladiesI guess.)  In my dream I could hear the whirr and rattle of the sewing machines interspersed with music, singing, laughter and the odd swear word. Projects were discussed, life matters dissected, garments tried on, tea drunk, blogging talk indulged in by the bloggers, biscuits eaten and wine bottles emptied (I wish the medication would have allowed me to help more with that one, but I'm sure I made up for it in the biscuit department). It was good. So Very Good. And the best thing about this dream? Knowing that I can go back. Will go back. After many different venues, we seem to have found our crafting home. Suzie's written 15 reasons whySewjourn was so good and all I can say is, if you have a group of crafters and you want to go away together somewhere close to Melbourne then I doubt it gets better than this. 

craft nirvana

Despite not finding enough time to cut out the fifty million things I was intending to make, I put completed a new pair of trousers and a new skirt, both of which I'm really pleased with. The other skirt I made for myself, out of fabric I love, I rushed at. As a result I sewed the front pocket onto the back of the skirt and now it's sewn too tightly to be unpicked and looks really strange. The sundress I made for Grace without a pattern also needs a bit of fixing. So from now on, I'm resolving to slow down and make one or two things as well as I can. No more manic rushing. Although the energy before dinner on Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon was pretty high. It's exciting, but perhaps that's the time to whip up a coaster or to embellish a few t-shirts for Grace. She quite likes her new yellow t-shirt with the bambi on it, along with a pretty pink cotton dress that I nearly didn't buy at the Lancefield opshop because I thought it might be too tasteful for her. But she loves it, worked backwith her purple t-shirt and red shoes. The opshop also yielded a heap of old kids books which I may or may not get around to photographing.  

There's so much more to say really. Especially about the privilege of being able to go away and revel in sewing and craftiness with these amazing women. To be in a space outside my everyday life where I can do something that I get deep pleasure from. It always feels good to get back into the groove with my sewing machine. That I can plan on this sort of weekend as being something that will happen again in the future. Perhaps this will be the earthcore equivalent of my forties?


Frogdancer said...

The whole weekend sounds perfectly lovely.
I'm waiting on a book to be delivered about sewing skirts. I've only ever sewed quilts and potholders, so I've decided to take the next step.
(Note to self: don't put front pocket on the back....) :)

suse said...

ps. "worked back" with her t-shirt and shoes.
hahaha, excellent.

suse said...

I love the mosaic of the weekend, particularly how it starts with the drive there (road stretching in front of us) and finishes with the drive home (blur).
God it was good, wasn't it? Best one yet.

M said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Love the mosaic - looky looky I can see Suse.

bluemountainsmary said...

grace and margot share similar tastes in their working back.
so happy you all had such a peaceful, fulfilling weekend.

Crafty said...

Oh, wow!
I laughed at the "thought it might be too tasteful for her" says she who is mother of a girl whose favorite outfits include a pair of hot pink satin PJ pants, and a mustard sweatshirt with Elmo on the front, not to mention the more faded and stained and not quite big enough the better, apparently.

Jan said...

I'm glad you had such a fun filled weekend - that's what it's all about! Photos are great!