paint stripping and a strange dream

Blog posts flit into my head as I work on the house or do the dishes or hang the washing out. Then something else happens, the moment is lost. At the end of the day I'm tired, ready to sink into a soft chair and watch an hour of mindless telly before a good solid nights sleep. Except for last night. Today as I strip paint from a bedroom window with a heat gun, I think about the dream I had last night. My mind wanders and before I know it, my hand does too. I crack a piece of window glass. Luckily it's on a pane that's already broken. Although later, after I break another, I decide that chemical stripper close to the windows might be a better idea.

So anyway, I decide to sit down for a few minutes and write the dream down, it's hanging around in my head. Being annoying. I dreamt I was travelling through Europe, on my own and staying in a spacious apartment for two nights with two women (a couple, I think) who are also travellers. They are planning on leaving the next day and I'm welcome to go with them but although I like them, my plans are unformed and I'm a little anxious about that. The apartment has wooden floors like our house, and although the rooms are bigger, the apartment has an austere feel. The strangest thing though, is that one of the showers is in the dining room which is carpeted and I stand on the carpet itself to have my shower. It's like a persian rug, only cotton and the wet rug feels so very wrong under my feet. The water pools around me and I worry about it dripping into the flat below. Everyone tells me that is how this house is and that I shouldn't worry, but of course I do. And I still have no idea of where I'm going to be the next day.

The dream was so strong I thought I was already awake, and I had to get up for a glass of water, but I was really still moreorless asleep and stumbled round the house bumping and hurting my toe. It's clear on reflection, that I'm feeling the need for some direction. It's about time. I've started to finally feel like I'm completely better from the virus and the winter blahs and have been trying to do solid patches of work when I can and not worry so much when there are other parts of our life that I need to attend to. Dad came over to help G with some wiring issues (looks some rewiring might be needed afterall) and it was really good to get his perspective on what we'd done so far. He agreed that it's worth stripping back the the old paint from the wooden areas of the house and that preparation is everything. And he helped clarify in my mind a few things that have to happen next. Like a bath. And heating and cooling decisions. It was also nice to hear that he thinks we've done heaps. Because sometimes when you're in it, it feels very slow indeed!

Myself, I've been enjoying watching the house reveal itself. I've seen green paint in the sitting room and blue paint in the child's bedroom.The wood underneath is beautiful and a part of me is sad that we'll be painting over it again. But then my feet walk on the crackle of varnish bits and I know it had to be done.


  1. Water is a very powerful image in our dreams. Yours is puddling round your feet rather than draining away cleanly and you don't like it.
    I dreamed Pea Soup had died tragically (sorry Suse!) the other night and I was trying to think what to say on my blog about it.

  2. I am very impressed by the carpet in the shower in the dream, it has power, I think you could use that one for a book later on! (when the renos are done - that must be exhausting - but fun too.)

  3. I came here to say something intelligent and then read Stomper's comment.

  4. poor Suse !
    I am very much into dreams and remember and think about mine a LOT. Last night the older boy awoke in an incoherent fright - he was scared because it was MY party ( I don't have parties ) and he was 'crazy' and a whole lot of other stuff. I tried to settle him by saying parties are fun, not scary, and it was ok, etc etc
    But secretly, I interpreted this as: "I have cancer and am going to die"
    You are going great guns on the house.
    Trust me.

  5. I know. Poor Suse! But I'm sure she just may have been figuring in Stomper's mind that night... that sounds really strange, doesn't it. Sometimes I dream/fear people I cherish will die or dissapear, and it's not prophetic, just that I don't want to lose them.

  6. You make this handywork-type house restoring stuff sound very profound. We tried it on and didn't get the spark of passion that you appear to have, I'm very sorry to say! I thought I would be a great do-upper, but I just didn't have the motivation. Ergo, voila ! Now I live in a house from 1984 instead of 1954. Apparently the 80s are vintage to some people though..

  7. My dreams are outrageously vivid at the moment (the medication?) and often are with me throughout the next day.
    You are doing SO well with that home of yours...