my hands are clapping, clapping, clapping

We're singing that song alot around here at the moment. Along with a version of this old man that covers bum, poo and wee in the first three verses.... You know trying to not be uptight about the accidents. Still it's all crazy good. I've taken to referring to Grace as mighty sprite, because she's everywhere. Full of energy and excitement. And new concepts. She's been telling a story about Dracula (we have a copy with a picture of Dracula on the front that she's been examing) and anyway it goes like this; Dracula was a bat and he was a bit scary. He didn't like being a bat here it becomes unclear, in some versions it goes and then he turned into a dimosoaur and in others dracula was chased by a dimosaour. Gerard tells me there is also a version featuring Dracula's mother.

Yeah, I've been messing around with yearbookyourself too.  Until I started turning my head upside down and creating absurd permed headed freaks. Quite neat really. If only I had endless hours. I like this one alot though. Wouldn't I love to have a neck like that, and only one chin. But then again, now I have age related wisdom. Of course I should really be in bed right now, this moment. I will need all my strength to help lift our new bath into the back of the car... ooh the excitement.

And yes, I am feeling just so much better. Quite unbelievable really. But there you go. Roll on spring, bring it on summer.


shula said...

Excellent. Because I'm about to hit you again for a rescheduled cup of tea.
I, too, appear to be getting my act together. Sorry to be so slack.
And as I've said to Kirsty Duncan, necks and single chins are over-rated.

Frogdancer said...

A teacher at school year booked some of us. A few looked weirdly oh-so-right, but most of us looked so wrong....,

Stomper Girl said...

Love it. So perky. Glad you are feeling a bit more perky too.

Laura said...

Love the bath. God, I'm so impressed by how fast you're moving on the house.

suse said...

Excellent bath. Excellent that you're feeling better.
Excellent hair!