blue and white

Work progresses on the new house, slower than I would have thought until I step back and itemise everything done so far. Most of it by Gerard and eventhough I'm on holidays for two weeks*, my role is far more domestic than I anticpated. Yesterday, I was full of bile and resentment about this. The day started badly, and just became worse and worse until naptime. After which it was OK. Possibly, I needed to be reminded of how hard parenting can be and that enabling G to work on the house is a valuable cotnribution. Today has been more pleasant. We've all had a virus over the last week, the one where you aren't quite sick enough to take a day off work, but not quite well enough to be there in full force. So we've all been soldiering on. Until last Thursday. Grace seemed fine in the morning but threw up later at childcare, meaning she couldn't go for two days. Which we still have to pay for. Along with all the extra petrol, running two houses and the way the grocery bill just seems to go up and up each week. Ah money. I knew that we'd be in for an expensive couple of months, we've planned for it, but even so, I don't like it. Goes right against my current nature. Anyway, I'm trying not to freak out and insisted we all took it easy over the weekend. Even G spent some time on the couch.

Which brings me to my bathroom dilemma. Originally I planned just to re-retro the bathroom with an old bath and vanity. Several shopping days and nights (online), a good few salvage yards later and still nothing suitable. And even some of that was very expensive. So I start thinking about all new. Which means all white on our budget. (Perhaps on any budget, when did baths and basins become almost uniformly white?) Which led to thoughts of fancy tiles to joosh it all up and suddenly I am so far from my original vision it was frightening. And anyway, neither of us really like tiles. Then G finds a possible paint solution, which is also white, and I know I just can't do the all white on white bathroom thing. It is so not us. He talks with his builder/designer mates down in tas and the consensus seems to be that the bathroom paint is worth trying, even though we'll have to get it sent down from Sydney. It's cheap enough to risk and if it works, well, we've escaped tiles or vinyl on the walls. So now I'm under pressure to make some decisons about bathroom fittings. So on Saturday, Mum and I do the round of the local yards again, with Grace in tow. At the last one, I spot a vanity, that I don't hum and haw about. I like it. I remember a pep talk G gave me about designing on the fly and decide I really, really like it. Eventhough it doesn't have a matching bath, which even if it did, probably wouldn't be the right shape anyway. Previous baths having been ruled out as too narrow to stand in. I ring G for a quick consult and before you know it, we're loading it in the car. Thirty bucks. Bargain. I remark to mum in the car that I'll proabably see exactly what I was originally looking for on ebay tonight.

And guess what? I do. A yellow pedestal basin and matching bath that looks like the right shape to stand in. G says I can change my mind, but I decide I still like the blue one. That I like it better than the yellow one which has a kind of dated shape for the fifties. I like the blue one's curves and simpler lines and that it's porcelain. I consider looking out for for sixties/seventies glass taps to sparkle in the sun (it is a sunny bathroom) then think they're probably not very ergonomic for small hands. We're meeting with a potential plumber tommorrow so I'm going to have to decide about a bath sooner rather than later. Probably white. I can't decide whether to go for an OK second hand one that I can replace if I find a better one or to get a new one that is the business. There's a model that's designed as a deep long bath with a squareish bit at the end to shower in that I like the look of. I'm picking it's not at the lower end of the price range, but I do like having a bath and I have ideas about handrails for easy of in and out (even when I'm old). I wonder whether it would make the basin look crap, if I can make it all work. Then decide maybe it doesn't matter so much this mixing old and new, because what I save on a basin is what I can spend on a bath. A bit like the new shoes with the opshop jumper philosophy. Yes, that's kind of us. Need to go to the bathroom shop and get prices and check them out etc and of course, the tip shop or the salvage yard may yet yield something unexpected and delightful next visit. Perhaps a green bath in just the right shade and size... mmm blue and green.

In the meantime there are lots of other jobs to do. The carpet is all gone and we filled a skip on Monday. I stripped the grease from the bricks surrounding the stove. G is well into wall preparation and there is a myriad of small tasks awaiting me tommorrow, like starting on the window preparation or removing the paint splotches from the hardwood floor. Gees, I love that floor. I expect to be listening to a lot of radio national. Oh, and I need to go and get some paint samples so I can consider the various shades of offwhite in as many different lights as possible.  Let's hope childcare is a goer this week.

*each year everyone in the office has to nominate the leave they'd like for the upcoming year and then a commitee of mangement and a worker rep decides who gets what and when. It's fair but not very flexible, especially when you're not sure whether you will have bought a house or not at the time.


Laura said...

Crikey Janet I'm exhausted just reading about it all, but excited too!
Hope the bathroom 'fly' lands on you with the right sized bath for your needs (your particular sitting needs being similar to mine, ahem).
You're REALLY gonna love those floorboards when they're done up.
And, SIGH, about the leave arrangements at work. My work is similar. Dammit.

darlene said...

almost every rental i ever lived in had beautiful tub and basin, i had blue ones and yellow ones and green ones and even a big huge clawfoot. now i own a house that has a white set and white tile up the wall, sigh ... but i painted the ceiling and upper wall a beautiful blue and added artwork and a red shower curtain and mat and its not so bad ... its amazing what you can make work with the right accessories ;-)
i love that blue basin you got ... lovely!!

Stomper Girl said...

The basin is lovely, and as you say, your contribution in freeing up Gerard IS important.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad to see that blue beauty getting a new life in your home. Sounds like you are making so much progress quickly.

Laura said...

$30 is awesome, and porcelain is so much better than cast iron.

suse said...

Duck egg blue! Thirty bucks!

pen said...

I've been using the perfect off white -Scilly White- in a few different rooms for a while now (and the whole of the new shop and dwelling). Everyone loves it and it does amazing things in every light.
Love it!
Renovating...... love and hate it.

Marjorie said...

So cool how you've made selecting bathroom decor such an interesting story and reflection of yourself and your family. Can't wait to see how it ends...