weekend craft debrief

Slipping back into a cold, wet, greyness that is Melbourne in late winter (especially in a drafty house), overlaid with a million and one things to do and this creeping tiredness that goes with the weather, I'm hanging onto that special craft weekend feeling. Sure, it was cold and wet, but when you're having that much fun it really doesn't seem to matter. Especially when you're inside, crafting. But even when you're outside, taking photos, it's fun.

Anyway, I've been thinking about why I like these weekends so much. Of course, there's the most obvious attractions: spending quantity time in the company of inspirational, creative, nurturing women (including some who don't have blogs). Sitting around at night, knitting or sewing and talking. Watching someone else make something you haven't thought off before. Eating and drinking, being cooked for, baking a tart instead of dinner. All the pleasures of a shared table. Even drying the dishes with someone else. Not to mention cracking jokes about the decor, although I have to say, it really wasn't a patch on the house we went to last November, that was a stunner that one. And there's the whole thing about being out in the country and seeing new and pretty things.
late afternoon sun across the road from the Kyneton woollen mill where we stopped on the way up

However, I think something that I really, really dig about this craft weekend scene is the time to spend immersed in making. At home, even if I think I have a whole weekend to do something, there are really just little gaps of possibilty and projects just sort of creep along. If I'm organised, there's two hours in the afternoon while Grace is asleep that are good for sewing and maybe some time after dinner if I don't want to go on the internet. Athough I do sometimes knit while my flickr pictures upload. On a craft weekend, you can craft all you like. Because it's a craft weekend. I remember on the first one, this feeling of liberation crocheting around the table, after dinner. These women understand. And there's busy hands everywhere. Making has an urgency, a priority. Love that.

Anyway, I started knitting a new scarf, several times. Loopy wool, so it kept getting wider and wider, until after about the sixth ripping I learnt to count the stitches every couple of rows. That'll be for Grace if she likes it. For me or mum or Betty if she doesn't. Bought some glorious dark greeny, bluey, murky but brilliant wool, which I think may be the first time I've bought wool new. But I only bought enough for a scarf and I think want to make a vest. There's a design in my mind I think could knit. Will have to make a sample to see how much wool I'd need. I didn't actually go to the wool show, with the move imminent, an event holding that much temptation to buy was something I was prepared to forgo for a whole day of sewing with the music up loud. Started off by finishing the silk top that has languished unfinished since the last craft weekend, and a skirt that has also been cut out but unmade since then. Made a skirt for Grace which, in the excitment of mummy returning home, she said she loved but so far refuses to wear. It's for school, she says. So now I have only one more cut out pattern left in my unfinished projects box!  Also fixed Grace's toy giraffe, he's in a fragile state and kept splitting and spilling kapok all over her bed. He's meant to be living somewhere safe now, but I noticed he's back in her bed already. Oh well. She was pretty pleased to have him back.


suse said...

And lo, it was good.

Frogdancer said...

It sounds great. I want to quilt Jack's quilt this weekend, but I'm going to have 2 of the boys with me, so they'll cut into the uninterrupted craft time I was looking forward to.
Must get that quilt done... must get that quilt done....

di said...

So sorry I missed out on this one! I think you've voiced all the reasons they are so wonderful. Yes, yes, yes. Looking forward to the next one already.