we saw elephants and butterflies

I really didn't think that I had time to go to the zoo today, my brain feels so cluttered. There just seems to be so much to do, think about, plan and organise. Settlement on the house is fast approaching and we know someone who'd like to take over the house we live in now, once we're ready to move. There are boxes appearing, stuff to sort and a neverending stream of complicated looking paperwork that proclaims that you must read and understand it before you sign it. And appointments for this and that (including two trips to the dentist, hmph - middle aged teeth) from here until breakfast. And I've had a disturbing dream that involves eating a whitebread sandwich filled with raw chicken breast fillet, skin off. Not once but twice. Yuck.

However, go to the zoo we did. With Mum and Betty and Ruby. I'm glad. It was my one in four thursday off work. And seeing that I'm going away for the weekend (without my little family), to maybe finish one or two things from my unfinished projects box before packing away all my sewing stuff, to gossip and drink red wine with some fellow crafty bloggy types, it seemed like a good thing to do. The zoo was pleasant. If a bit cold and bracing. The moment we arrived Grace demanded that her jumper be removed and then ran off to see the pigs. We visited the snakes and lizards, shudder. Then the giraffes, who always brighten my day. Then on to the elephants with a side trip into the butterfly enclosure which I adore, but Grace is not so keen on. But I got some extra time in there this visit. Then visiting more elephants and on to the monkeys. Including the cutest little baby one, having a cuddle with his mummy. Awww. By then we'd done our dash, and  things were starting to distintegrate so we went home for lunch and a nap (Grace, not me, I wish).

Once Grace was tucked in, I read the loan offer, tried to make sense of it. Rang our mortgage guy, talked and emailed him some pdfs, talked some more. Decided I felt less baffled. Called the bank to make an appointment to sign the paperwork and got through. Sent an email to the conveyancer. Rang a small community run childcare place near where we are moving and a) got to talk to someone and b) found they have one place available on the day we want it. So now we have an appointment to go and have a look around and sign more paperwork. Accomplished in one small afternoon than I expected to get done in a whole day. And got to go to the zoo for as long as the children could handle. Anyway, it's all good. But please, no more icky dreams.

Was going to load all my zoo photos onto flickr too but the uploadr is being a beast. Sigh.


darlene said...

wow, you did get a lot done :) you must be getting so excited about the move, and nervous and apprehensive (or was that just me?)
zoo's are so fun, glad you found time to go :) xo

Frogdancer said...

There is no better feeling than moving into your own place and knowing that (if you want to) you are there to stay. (Just cling onto that thought over the next few weeks....)

Bird Bath said...

how is it that the little people never feel the cold! My five year old refuses any type of jacket.
You were lucky to score a childcare place - hope it all works out.Enjoy the weekend getaway.

Stomper Girl said...

We always start with elephants and butterflies, it's our favourite part. Well done on your day of productivity, it feels so good to make a dent in the workload. Like me this week with the kindergarten fund-raiser tasks, all checked off! I feel like I need a medal or something!

M said...

Butterflies. That's what I miss about the Melbourne Zoo.

crafty said...

You sure they were'nt ephelants and flutterbies?

crafty said...

Oh yes, and I meant to say, good luck with all the moving stuff, very exciting, but still incredibly stressful.

h&b said...

that dream is really grossing me out :(
Honestly, that house stuff - when you think you've just bought a house for $x, and that's it ?
how bullshit is that ?
And why does it have to be so confusing ?

Victoria said...

I love the idea of a quick morning visit to the zoo!
I suspect no one understands any of the house-buying paperwork but maybe that's just me. Glad your craft weekend was a good one. Oh and that's really cool news that you got a childcare place on the right day near your new place - yay!