quiet weekend

Today I drove around in the sunshine, visited my favourite opshop on the way to the supermarket and bought a pair of beautiful Italian boot/shoes that Grace touched but put away in her shoe drawer, some summer gardening pants for me (I'm starting to think that my wardrobe for the next year will need lots of things that can get covered in dirt or paint) and a big stack of magazines that I'd call house p*rn. Only I'm not allowed to call it that, because as G says, it's not a word we want Grace to be using. Then I went to my second favourite opshop and looked out the top floor window at the clouds scudding across the western horizon and felt happy. By the time I'd finished the fruit shopping and the supermarket, it was three so I didn't spend the afternoon sewing as planned. Just sort of hung out at home with the family. Pottering. Making spanakopita for dinner. Talking about our plans. It's nice to have a quiet weekend once in a while.

Last weekend was consumed with the Pool Together event for the Coburg Olympic Pool and it was the most amazing success. Exhausting in a way but also, crowded, good humoured and fun beyond our wildest dreams. People came that no-one knew even. Although I did run into some people that live where we're moving to where the conversation would start off... you look familiar, or I know you?.. and then we'd work out a connection from some past point in life. In a good way. And it felt really good to be part of the goup that made it happened. It's been a long time since I volunteered in any sense and I think I like it. Gee, the places that blogging will take you... (but that's a story for later I think). Anyway, I'm feeling very positive about the upcoming move. It feels like exactly the right place for us.

Grace and I made crazy lurid gingermen for the cake stall and because, while I was doing last weeks's supermarket shopping (in a rush, as opposed to meandering down the aisles singing love is in the air and dancing queen), I became certain they weren't going to be any good and that furthermore I would be judged badly as a woman (who used to have a cafe) on my baking, I decided to make lemon slice as well. So there's been a bit of a baking frenzy. Neurotic but fun. It was my first cake stall as a mum, so I'm going to let that one through to the keeper. And relax next time.


Frogdancer said...

Those gingerbread men look FANTASTIC!!!
(Oops. Sorry for shouting. I was also jumping up and waving my arms in the air.) I adore gingerbread men and I never buy them or make them. Are they hard to do? That's a school holiday project that the boys would absolutely love.

Penni said...

I love your gingerbread men, but I bet your lemon slice is to die for.
And I used to go to your cafe! I lived just across the way, in Vic Parade.

Stomper Girl said...

You're just taunting me with your lemon slice now, aren't you?

shula said...

Bit of a blood-let, the first cake stall.
Nothing you won't get the hang of.

suse said...

i always used to wonder why the lovers were in the air

Kel said...

I'm with frogdancer on this one
they are AWESOME looking gingerbread men
or should one say handsome, or just plain delightful, yummy and make my mouth water!
and you make spanokopita too
your house must smell lovely with all that cooking

Sacred Suzie said...

So nice to meet another baker! I think your cookies look perfect!