random bits from a queens birthday weekend

My new Ugg boots are too tight in the toe and very sloppy in the heel, meaning that I can't walk in them but sort of scuffle along. They're not nearly as good as my last pair, which are not being made anymore. Sigh. The new possum/merino stripey socks are pretty damn fine though. Especially with my winter birks. I know, such a trendsetter.

Listening to New Order in the kitchen during a monent of domestic calm. It was the one G gave me for Christmas in 2001 (I think). The Christmas we went to Tasmania and drove along the road to nowhere in the Toyota (which probably killed the car, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat except I wouldn't camp next to blackberry bushes near rivers, too many big black snakes, shudder). I'd forgotten how much I like this CD, how rich it is.

Watching the stick structure come down and various bits of backyard junk being burned in the big burny barrel. I wouldn't let G pull it down until we found a house, just in case we were still here next summer and needed the shade. It's kind of sad and exciting all at the same time. Now our weekends clothes smell of smoke which I quite like. It reminds me of camping and barbques.

Life with Grace can be a battle at the moment. Lots of wilful throwing of things on the floor, shoe refusal, bath issues, hairwashing issues, flailing, gouging. Then there's the shouting. I'm trying to keep in my mind that parental shouting is like smacking inasmuch as it shows children that shouting is an OK way to handle things. Trying to read Buddhism for Mothers but it isn't sticking yet. Need to find a way of discipline that's gentle and not spirit crushing. Also need to get child out of the house in time for work/playgroup/whatever without needing to start an hour and a half before we go and wearing sufficient seasonally appropriate clothing that a) she doesn't catch a cold, b) she can play outside and doesn't become one of those pale inside children and c) no-one calls DHS re neglectful parenting. Clean, attractive clothes would be nice too, but I'm picking my battles. Have also been wondering if this is my karma for being just a little smug when Grace was such a good eater, sleeper etc when other children weren't.

Wondering whether I should start a house blog as a companion to my scrap book. Not that I need another blog, but I've wanted to play with a blog that would suit advertising which this doesn't. Who am I kidding? Like I'm not going to be even more busy when we start doing the house. Still it keeps rolling around in my mind.

My theory of the one good thing a day in the hated shoes and socks seems to be working. We went to a park with big old elm trees that used to have a train in it, but doesn't anymore. There was however, a good playground filled with lots of designery parents and well dressed children, a friendly french traveller with a van cooking his food on the barbque and the skate bowl.  It good until we tried to drag Grace away from the skate bowl, where she was entranced by the teenagers and older children.

Can't stop singing rock-a-bye bear. Love it.


Kris said...

I think my kids' behaviour is karma for smugness, too. Lu, who's Grace's age, will wear whatever - she really doesn't care - but Nell, who's 18 months, has STRONG tastes. And food!, well they eat nothing, so far as I can tell, unless it's sultanas or carrots. And the anger, ah, sometimes the tantrums tip over into scary loss of control. Being a mother requires a strong nerve.
You have such a beautiful backyard - it looks so comfortable and used.

Stomper Girl said...

You are such a thoughtful person Janet. I shout at my kids for bad behaviour AND I tick them off when they shout at each other. Heh heh heh, mother of the year? Sign me up now.

Ariel said...

Oh, I love your backyard, too. It looks loved and cosy and fun.
I'm always scared of attracting bad mothering karma when I'm smug about my son, or judgmental about others. Hey, good parenting is a journey, not a destination. You sound like you're doing all the right things.
And what an ace cubby Grace has.

h&b said...

I am on the verge of a 'I hate 4' blog, and yes, I had the perfect baby.
I really really really really want to kill the 4yr old lately though, and i'm yelling, and smacking. I wish I would think more and react less, i'm doing both our heads in ..

Alby Mangroves said...

I've yelled, smacked, bodily inserted into carseat, locked in room, but the worst thing I could ever EVER have done, and the one thing that has ever actually worked as a threat for staving off bad behaviour, is (gulp) turn off the tv. He loves tv and it's the only reward he really wants. Find Grace's reward and you find the key to bliss (or at least a quiet lunch). How bad is this - we all feel so bloody guilty about everything!! Janet, you are a wonderful, thoughtful, kind mother. She'll grow out of it. I say that because I also want to believe that my Ratbag will!