nude schmude

SpcI have to admit I've found the last couple of self-portrait challenges somewhat uninspiring. Absurd, meh. And as for Fresh well, I just couldn't come up with anything at all. Numbers over at SPC were dwindling fast, but now it seems as though people might be coming back with the nude challenge*. Personally, my first thought was, oh no, no way, I have no real idea who reads this blog apart from some friends, family and the lovely people who comment (a small section of readers it would appear from the stats - normal apparently). It's not these people who worry me, I know them and they're OK. It's all the other freaks out there, especiallly people who might know me some other context. And what if someone at work said, hey Janet. I saw your website last night and you were naked. The stuff of weird and scary dreams. So, I asked myself, what might actually be OK and why is posting "nude" photos of yourself on the internet both appealing and appalling?

I think to do SPC in the first place, you have to want to show yourself physically on some level. For me, it's often about finding a way to make an image of myself that says something and that I'm happy to share. There's something odd and self obsessed about that, but I've also noticed similar themes among other particpantsone way or another, this journey of the body. Sometimes it's like playing dressups, other times it's been a bit like hey, here I am, hello. Other times it's been a way of finding an angle that's not so fat, where the double chin or some other part of my anatomy doesn't roll as much as in real life, or catch a really bad light. A significant challenge in this theme. I wish I didn't care, that I could just rock my rolls, as it were, but it doesn't always work like that. This time, a portrait that shows a roll of back fat seemsed much more perverse and risky than the back of my neck. Even though both are areas of my body that I would bare without hesitation the swimming pool. I guess it's all about context, obscuration and maybe even just that word. Nude. Nude. Nude. Nude schmude.

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* Sometimes I think it would be nice to see more antipodeans joining this. It's kind of fun in a squirmy sort of way.


betty said...

hmm this is an interesting shot. I wasn't sure at first which part of the body you were even showing.
the lighting is wonderful on this.

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Well said, Janet. I so related to what you said about context. Back during the 'Elements' theme last year, I posted a photo of myself in the swimming pool that showed more skin than I did for this theme, but the word "Nude" has so much baggage attached. Nude Schmude, indeed!!

tic@ said...

hi, here i am :-)
and I read all your text, which I found pretty interesting, I feel the same way about showing myserlf nude on the internet. So it must stay in a way that it could be anyone else... that it is the challenge! see you soon!

h&b said...

nudie-rudie. I'd love to post my nude preggers shots because I love them so .. but yeah, as much as I find this a breathtaking, daring, risque kind of thing to do ( and in turn exhilerating and liberating ) .. there's the afterthought, the consequences, the freaks, and others.
As of July 1st though, i'm going to be joining a few more flickr groups ( now i've gone PRO, and will be taking at least one pic a day - I need to expand and improve ... )

Mim said...

This is lovely both the picture and the words. I am somewhat of a public figure in my community and could get fired for indecency. Even though I have not found anything indecent with any of the pictures that have been posted, I can't be too careful. I need my job ;) That being said, I have still posted because this theme was intriguing.