time off for good behaviour

Not that I think of my life as a prison sentence, indeed far from it. However as I walked out of my morning GP appointment (liver now doing fine, yay!) into a brand new day with nothing much in it that I had to do, that phrase "time off for good behaviour" popped into my head. Normally on a Tuesday, I sleep too late (yeah I know, so much to complain about), rush round like a chook with my head cut off for the rest of the morning doing sundry domestic tasks while also trying to sneak in some blog reading and general loafing around before a rushed lunch and heading off to playgroup with Grace. Which I do really enjoy. Especially the playdough. And the walk, yeah I love the walk. Holding hands and talking. But it's also nice to have a break from routine. So G took Grace to playgroup today and I went shopping. 
The other day I realised that all, bar one, of my winter t-shirts pre-date Grace by at least two years. And one of those has hair dye on it. So that's my fashion goal for this year, to try and replace some of those really old and tatty clothes. Unless of course, I still really like them. Shopping was more or less succesful, some t-shirts and a kind of modern looking vesty thing, which I hope will make me look less daggy at work and stop me getting cold. Would have liked to have bought some pants as well, but in the only style that looked remotely like something I might wear, there was only a really big or really small size left. I tried on the really big pants in true dysmorphic fashion and they were really, really big. I have to remind myself that plus size sizing is a wild beast without reason and that in this brand I am generally at the smaller end of the middle range. So it's back to trying to make some pants. I'm now on my second pair. The first have been abandoned as a lost cause and the second are kind of OK but have a funny bag in the middle of the leg below the knee (which I might be able to fix by making the waist sit better or taking in the sides). Although I'm pretty proud of the fly front (normally I just do elastic waists which I'm tired off), I'm yet to decide whether I like them enough to wear.
Also tried to find some new bras and some tights. My favourite bra is rarely in stock in my size, today was no exception, and why oh why isn't there an opaque tight on the market that's a real plus size and long enough for a tall woman? With all the crap that you can buy out there, you would think that these things wouldn't be so hard. And why are this year's winter ranges full of short sleeved tops? Not just vesty things, but like t-shirts? One shop assistant told me it was to do with layering, but I couldn't see it. Not without the actual layering piece. Which seemed to be something one would have to already own. Or perhaps magic out of thin air.

So what else did I do? I had spicy eggplant and crunchy chicken with rice for lunch at my favourite food court. Coffee before I went home, although I still haven't found a good coffee spot in the city where you can sit and watch the people go past. Myer food hall used to be my quick stop of choice but now it's gone and replaced with a useless tights department. Pity, because there's demolition going on, which would have provided endless watching, eventhough it's a bit sad. And I went to the camera shop to get a remote control thingy and then looked at expensive lenses, asked lots of questions and displayed my ignorance more than once. But it was quiet and the sales people didn't mind. It was quite fun really. And I saw  a woman cross the road and then seeing an old lady in a red coat hesitating at the crowds coming towards her, offer to escort her across. The old lady accepted the offer of help and it was one of those heartwarming moments you just see every now and then. And now I should really go to bed, because it's work tommorrow.


Ariel said...

I'm currently on the lookout for a good place to eat in the city with a child that's not too expensive. So many places, so few that are just right.
As for city-based coffee spots to watch the world go by, mine is Degraves, just off Flinders Lane. All kinds of people walk by on their way to the train station, you can sit in the window and watch, and it's very very cosy. Wait staff are touch and go though ... sometimes a bit up themselves.

sooz said...

oh I am with you on the tights. Shits me to tears! How can no one have this sussed?

crafty said...

Sounds like a lovely day. You know I'm pretty sure I recognise the area that house is in. I can show you how we have tried to make the best use of space.... lots of lovely people in the area too. (If I am right, that is.)