short and sweet

The Moreland council meeting on Wednesday night was overrun with people wearing crazy hats, zinc cream and vintage bathers. There were plastic pools, towels, toys umbrellas and kids running everywhere. I'm still feeling buzzed! Read about it here.

Have figured out a new approach to taking indoor and outdoor night shots. Very wide aperture and high ISO. Which does kind of makes sense, der. Aperture is my current learning curve. Probably need to adjust my white balance, but now I do have an approach.

* * * * * *

And the other day, Saha posted a beautiful, elegant version of bluemilk's feminist motherhod meme. Go and read what she has to say. Please. 


Frogdancer said...

The day I read your feminist motherhood meme, my sister sold one of my baby hats. It was a purple and green sock yarn, and the woman buying it asked where the white was, to make it a truly feminist hat. Synchronicity! From now on I'm going to add a touch of white to hats from that yarn and call them 'suffragette hats'.

Kris said...

That is just a beautiful, beautiful picture, Janet.