more sewing

I'm on a bit of a sewing campaign at the moment. Maybe it's the possibilty of moving house and having to pack up all my material and set up another workspace, or indeed maybe not having even a semi-dedicated workspace for a while. Not that anything has happened yet, we're still at the if and when stage. Still I can see that establishing a new home is going to cut into my sewing time, such that it is. For sure.

So far, I've made two pairs of trousers, neither of which I thought were a great success. However I put them through the wash the other day and was certain that one pair was destined for the opshop, but I wore them today and really they weren't too bad. I think I'll keep them afterall, with some tightening in the back, I think they'll be quite good even. Grace on the other hand has decided that the skirt I made her is for other childrens and has to go in the opshop. Can't even get her to try it on, even with the promise of a biscuit. I realise that perhaps the material was a bit weighty to have that much gather around the waist, but I wouldn't have thought that it would be uncomfortable over a singlet. It has several features I thought she would like; pink, stripes, a ruffle and pockets.  The trousers in the same fabric but with butterfly pockets that she loves, except that they're on pants, have had even less of a look in. Although she did wear the smock (pink with butterfly fabric raglan arms and a pouch pocket) I made her for painting the other day. So I'm told.

Sewing or shopping for Grace is such a minefield. I can't predict what she'll consent to wearing, even when she came to the shop with me and chose it herself. And getting her to wear something she is determined not to wear is extremely difficult. Even with closed choices, ie the red skirt or the pink skirt. So I don't really want to spend too much time or money on her wardrobe, but on the other hand I want her to be warm and comfortable and as much as I hate to say it, look stylish in some way. I wasn't keen on the butterfly fabric, it's a gary pink with badly printed butterflies on it, but Grace loves it. But even that wasn't working. Oh well, maybe in another year we'll be able to work out together what she'd like me to make her.

My next project is a dark green sort of a-line skirt out of some wool crepe I found at the opshop back in the day when the brotherhood had a fantastic fabric table. And a pair of heavy weight black cotton but not denim pants. When those are finished, I have a really fabulous piece of back wool suiting with 5% elasticene for some stretch. For pants. If I get them right, they'll be the mainstay of my winter wardrobe for years to come. You know, the pants you can wear almost anywher, that are warm and comfortable and wash well. And after that some tops for me and Grace. Ambitious, but I guess planning it is half the fun. Truth is, I'd feel pretty happy to get at least half of it actually done.

Have also started knitting at night. Very remedial. I made a short scarf from some wool my mum gave me and I'm pretty impressed that I managed to put a hole in the middle, by design. And that I figured it how to do this. Not so impressed that I couldn't knit in moss stitch which I thought I'd done before. Anyway, we have someone staying tonight, who said she's teach me, so I'd better stop being anti-social (or unwinding from a tough day at playgroup depending on your point of view) and go out there and knit.


Laura said...

I'd wear Grace's skirt. Without a biscuit. Though I would take the biscuit if it was offered.

saha said...

just this morning I battled my daughter about wearing a wonderful op shop osh kosh dress made of lovely woven fabric. I was determined that she wear it at least once! She abso;lutely won't wear dresses, which I understand as I was a jeans and gumboots lass myself, but every now and then, I try!

Stomper Girl said...

Thank goodness neither of my boys care less about their daily apparel. Having that fight every morning would drive me to drink. Good luck! I think the skirt is lovely, and the pants sound fab as well.

suse said...

Boys don't get fussy about their clothes until at least the age of twelve, in this household.
(You have my sympathies)

Alby Mangroves said...

Aaaah kids, wouldn't you love to jump into their heads and figure out how they see the world? The Ratbag will wear anything with insects printed on it, but he won't wear anything with yellow in it, and sometimes he won't wear pyjamas and he never ever EVER eats the meals that I've really worked on. He will however, eat packet ravioli with spinach and cheese stuffing. Bless. I love the skirt!!