why does a fish need a bicycle anyway?

SpcOne way or another I can't seem to get beyond putting things on my head for this theme. This brilliant (hah) idea came to me as I lay on the bed having a short nanna nap this afternoon. Mostly I was thinking about whether or not I've been jilted by my psychiatrist, who seems to have vanished into the ether. Maybe she's having a break for some reason, but various temporary receptionists have let slip little snippets of conflicting information. So maybe, I'll have to go through the process of finding a new doctor, of telling my story all over again, of settling into another treatment regime. Tedious. Or maybe she's moved offices, I've fallen through the cracks because of two cancelled appointments (her not me) and I'll catch up with her soon enough. If this is the case, how do I act? Like I'm not pissed off that no-one has told me what's going on? Pleased that she's OK and that I don't have to start with someone new?

The other thread of thought running through my head, as I looked out into the cold afternoon, and felt all jilted and teary was that maybe I could just wean myself of the drugs and abandon the whole concept of therapy. That I was normal before, and I can be normal again. Dangerous thoughts, because I'm feeling just well enough to start getting complacent. And if that's not absurd, tell me what is.

More of the absurd here.


betty said...

ha! cute.
...as to weaning yourself off drugs - I don't think I need to tell you how bad an idea that is. you should discuss it with your doctor. I have tried that time and again and ended up worse than before.

Rebekah said...

OK, you are way braver than me, I would never put a fish on my face!! Eeek!!
I'm with Betty - weaning yourself off medicinal therapy without knowledge of a doctor, who you can go to if things get rocky, can be devastating. Get some definite answers from your doctor's office so you can make a well-founded decision.

nic said...

nice shot. and i appreciated the transparency of this post...i think we've all been there, or are there, or will be again.

Rachel said...

The fish's tail gives the appearance of very absurdly shaped moustache. This photo definitely made me smile tonight.

h&b said...

Your photography should be gracing the pages of art mags. I swear.
( This is fabulous, i'm going to pop over and find it on flickr so I can fave it. )
As for your therapist, i'd be on the P.O.'d side of things. I hate conflicting snippets, and would appreciate a forthright explanation, without the bullshit. The fact they've let 2 appts slip shows little investment and care in your general wellbeing, IMO.
Hope it gets sorted soon

Magda said...

You might find that the therapist has issues herself, behaving like that! I hope you're feeling better xo Thanks so much for visiting my fledgling blog, I'm really enjoying it and I appreciate that you took the time to leave me a comment :)You are only the second to do so, I was beginning to think no-one would bother reading it!

Maggie Pie said...

hmm, some slippery ideas. I think you should talk to a professional - but then it sounds like your therapist has not been behaving very professionally. at least you can act responsibly.take care.

di said...

So frustrating to be kept (or perhaps just left) in the dark on important things. I hope your therapist rematerialises soon and makes up for lost time. In the meantime, use the resources you have- it's probably not a good time to go casting them aside. Take care.
(lovely photo too btw)